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Monitor competitors pricing online to move your sales to a higher level of profitability
Monitor competitors pricing online to move your sales to a higher level of profitability

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No long list of self-promoting hash tags and no tortured attempt to link what we do to this topic.
Just a thank you and a goodbye to a giant of the music industry.
I think it depends on how old you are as to which David Bowie you remember best and think of when you hear his name but for me this is my strongest and fondest memory.  They just look like they're having so much fun...
R.I.P. David Bowie.
Dust to dust.  Funk to funky...

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Black Friday – An American Import too far?

Since at least the early 1960’s the people of America have been taking to the shops in large numbers on the day after their Thanksgiving holidays in an event that became known as Black Friday (A name coined by the Philadelphia police as a way to describe the terrible traffic conditions that were a regular feature of the event).

The huge reductions and almost panicked buying that we associate with the day have been ‘popular’ for around 15 years in the US and over the past couple of years, more UK shops have been picking up on the trend, despite the fact that it’s not a holiday weekend in Britain and doesn’t have the same significance.

However, in an interesting twist, American owned ASDA has announced that they will not be joining in with the over-hyped one day rugby scrum that Black Friday has become. Instead, they are planning to spread the money that they would invest in a longer term series of savings and promotions across the Christmas season.

Whether this will work or not remains to be seen – Will people be happy to wait a few days or weeks in the hope that they can still find a bargain or will they still find themselves ‘queuing’ with the mobs outside those retailers who are still offering the one day savings?

From a personal point of view – as opposed to any official line that Competitor Price Watch has – I know which I would prefer.

It will be interesting to see what happens this year in the UK. Given that US giant Walmart have made the decision to treat their UK holding differently, it may mean that somebody somewhere has realised that, despite all of the ways that Americanisms are finding their way into the British way of life, just because something works well for them it may not work for us.

For those online retailers who are interested in a more traditional selling method and are interested in monitoring their competitor’s prices to make sure that they can offer true savings, there is always Competitor Price Watch. 

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Great Scott!

 In honour of Back to the Future day, here at Competitor Price Watch we have been remembering where we were 30 years ago and when we first saw Back to the Future Part 2 on its first release in 1989.

It appears that some of us weren’t actually around to remember 1985 whilst others saw the film at the cinema – although in one case, the actual cinema isn’t there anymore.

It’s odd to consider that in, what is to some people at least, a short space of time we have come so very far. Maybe not as far as flying cars and abolishing lawyers but in ways that even the genius minds behind the films couldn’t comprehend.

In a sentence -
 In 1985 there was no World Wide Web.
 No Internet.
Online was just for tightrope walkers.

30 years ago we had to talk to our friends via a telephone that was connected to our house and had to buy everything from shops (well except catalogue shopping but that was by post which was even slower) and the only real way that you knew what there was to buy was through adverts on the television (If you have a couple of hours to spare this is quite astonishing )

In the blink of an eye the world is connected and you can shop from anywhere on a wide variety of devices the like of which we only saw being used by Captain Kirk and co. back in the 80’s.

 Of course with the advent of online retail and always available shops, the retailer has to make sure that they are pricing correctly.

As this is being written by the Competitor Price Watch team, we have to mention that when it comes to monitoring your competitor’s the only way that you could get your prices any more accurate would be to get the DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour and take a trip back to the future and gather information that way.

 Of course, if you choose that option you do risk creating a time paradox - the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space/time continuum and destroy the entire universe.

You’re really much safer using Competitor Price Watch instead. 

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Every Cloud...

According to the Daily Telegraph the wet weather this summer has been keeping people away from the High Streets and shopping Centres.
For the 3 months of “summer” the number of people visiting shops in person have been lower than last year by over 2 percent.
This is not good news for traditional retailers.
However, unless people just aren’t shopping at all, their absence from the High Street can only really point to one thing.

They’re all shopping online.

It’s so much easier, more convenient and drier to shop online than be faced with –
* Having to park in car parks that charge so much it would almost be as cheap to just leave the car there and just buy a new one.
* Dodge the showers and wait out the worst of the storms by sheltering in WH Smiths browsing the magazines and pretending that you’re actually considering buying one.
* Queuing everywhere. To get into town in the first place, to get into the car parks, to buy anything, to get out of the car parks and then to get out of town again. I know that queuing is built into our DNA (As author George Mikes put it “An Englishman, even if he is alone, forms an orderly queue of one.”) but there are more fun ways to spend your days.
* Paying more than you need to for your purchase.

It’s this last point that appeals the most to us at Competitor Price Watch.
We’re specialists in the field of monitoring your competitor’s prices and being able to help you capitalise on the influx of weather shy shoppers.
With an array of reports and a Personal Account Manager to help you through the flood of information that we can give you we want you to reign on the Internet rather than on the shopper. 

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Happy 20th Birthday eBay!

  As amazing and unbelievable as it seems, the global market-place phenomenon eBay was launched on 3rd September 1995, meaning that people have been buying and selling on the site for 20 years! The Daily Telegraph article does list some very interesting facts about eBay but it misses one of the most important things and that is the fact that Competitor Price Watch can monitor competitors prices even when they are selling on eBay Shops. We can match Amazon Market Place sellers and regular websites too, of course, but this is eBay’s big day and so we should focus on them. So, happy birthday to eBay! 20 years old and still going strong. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you celebrate making more money, please do contact us and we would be more than happy to help.

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The Cost of Delivering Online Retail is on the rise

 Following on from a report on BBC Breakfast this morning by the wonderful Steph McGovern, it would appear that a number of the larger retailers are going to be charging more for their deliveries when you shop via their online stores.

Amazon, of course, over the past couple of years have gone from a ‘Free for all’ up to Free for orders over £10 and now you have to spend £20 with them before qualifying for Free Delivery.

John Lewis also recently reported that they will be charging an additional £2 for their click and collect service for orders under £30 and whilst a number of stores (Next and Debenhams for example) are still free for a Click and Collect service to one of their stores, it will cost you an extra £3.99 to have the items delivered to your home.

Which raises an interesting question.

Are people happy to start paying for delivery?

Looking at the responses to Steph’s Twitter post, it would seem not and that means the smaller online retailer can start looking like an attractive alternative when compared to the larger stores.

Whilst it may not be possible to compete on the actual cost of an item, as soon as the words “Free Delivery” appear on a web page, customers will pay attention.

Okay, so the product may be slightly more expensive but when measured against the sometimes very high prices that are charged for delivery, it can balance out and the customer will think well of the retailer who isn’t perceived as taking advantage of them.

Competitor Price Watch, as ever, would be able to help identify who charges what, not only for their prices, but also for the delivery. We have very clever algorithms in place that can monitor and apply the correct level of shipping dependant upon price and we will show the total cost of the transaction – All in easy to access online reports and a regular e-mail direct to your Inbox.

This is the time to start giving people another option to shop. Free Delivery and a price that has been checked against the rest of the market. How could they say “No” and how could any retailer not want to use Competitor Price Watch to help achieve this goal?

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Follow our recipe for success

In recognition of the triumphant return of the Great British Bake Off tonight, we at Competitor Price Watch would like to wish all of the competitors the very best of luck in their baking battle.

Of course, when you think about it, the Great British Bake Off is a lot like selling online. Bear with us here, we can do this!

You have a number of different people all in the same area and all of them are trying to outdo each other by ‘selling’ their identical of very similar products to the same few people – whether it is Mary and Paul or your online customers.

Those who aren’t as good as the others and who don’t really know what they’re doing leave early on and the remaining competitors are those with the most experience who know how to use all the tools of their trade.

The important thing with both baking and selling online is to make sure that you follow the rules (or recipe) exactly. The ingredients (or prices) have to be measured precisely. It’s no good just guessing how much something needs to be – either as a price or an ingredient. If there’s not enough dough, for example, the whole thing will be a disaster.

It is also a really good idea to keep an eye on your product once it’s in the oven. Whilst it might be okay to just leave it there for as long as it needs, for the best results you need to monitor what’s going on at all times. This is where Competitor Price Watch can really help. We will monitor all the other bakers and let you know what temperature (or price) they’ve get their ovens set at.

This way, without the other competitors even knowing, you can be sure that you will be in a position to present the best possible price to your customers.

Just like Mel and Sue, we are here to help you make sense of the ingredients. We’re always available to support you and we will do our best to help your profits rise like a perfect soufflé.

So, please talk to us about adding Competitor Price Watch as the secret ingredient to your pricing mix and together we can make you the Star Baker!

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Jet the Giant Killer?

Earlier this month, a new web based retailer called Jet was launched with the potential to rival Amazon on prices. Of course, this isn’t going to happen overnight but it’s interesting to learn that there is always somebody new waiting in the wings to challenge the way we think about everything.

Jet are currently only operating in the United States and you have to pay to become a member but their business model is interestingly fresh. It involves a Price Match search on the web with member discounts on that price along with discounts that grow the more you buy of particular items as well as discounts for paying by debit card.

They do have a way to go before becoming a major player but, as was reported on the Internet Retailer website , on their first few days of trading they were cheaper than Amazon prices by an average of 9% which is very promising.

It all goes to show that no matter what you think is going on in the Online Retail world, you can’t take things for granted, sit back and assume that the e-commerce landscape is exactly what is was when you started trading.

You’re going to need an edge. You want a partner to keep an eye on the pricing market and to let you know when something potentially game changing happens.

Competitor Price Watch can help you toward this goal.

Another new and valuable service from Competitor Price Watch
Here at Competitor Price Watch, we are constantly striving to come up with new ideas and ways to help our clients understand and appreciate the data that we silently and swiftly gather on their behalf.
In addition to the dedicated Client Account Manager, who is always willing and happy to discuss any aspect of the account, we have a range of reports and customisable downloads that will provide the client with all manner of essential information.
We’ve always sent out e-mails, tailored to the client’s needs, showing what price changes have been made but now we’re doing even more for you!
We will compile every price change that your competitors have made over the last month and then we will run this data through our bespoke system to establish where you are placed in the pricing war and, more importantly, where you can increase your prices to maximise your profitability.  This information is then e-mailed directly to you in an easy-to-read document.
And do you know the great thing?  This new, invaluable, service comes at no extra cost to the client!  Along with all the other services and features that we offer, this is just part of the very reasonable cost of using Competitor Price Watch.
Contact us now – It will the best call you make all year!

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Don’t Score an Own-Goal by Pricing Yourself Out of the Market

It’s not only unfortunate last minute sporting disasters that can be caused by an own goal.

Admittedly some may be more literal than others but in the game of online business, you can self-sabotage yourself just as easily by not paying attention to your prices and to those of your opponents.

It all comes down to tactics. Yes, it’s important that you have your game plan down and follow that but unless you study and react to the way the other teams play, then you’re going to be caught out and they will beat you every time.

It’s not only the way that you play the game that’s important. You have to keep your eye on the ball at all times to make sure that you know exactly what is happening all over the pitch. Even for the best of managers, this is a major task and when the game is played on a global scale you’re going to need a really good team helping you scout things out.

Competitor Price Watch can help you by watching every move that your opponents make and let you know every price change that they target at your goal. With us on your team, you can be sure that you will be at the top of your league and you can raise that trophy high. 
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