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I found this extremely moving. I like this guy. I like what he has to say.

I bet the way he says it makes some folks uncomfortable. But I think the message is good. The lesson he learned is valuable.

This made me so happy.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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This a-hole doesn't need retraining. They need to be fired and never be trusted as a cop ever again. This person is a bully, and should never be trusted with power or a weapon.
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This is why I am not allowed to be a doctor.
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I haven't used my iPad in ages, and almost forgot how annoying the experience is compared to my Android Tablet. I recently lost the charging cable for my tablet, so I've been using the iPad until I can replace it.

So, here's my latest gripe:

Apple requires a verified payment method to make purchases. That's fine. I can understand that. That makes sense.

But it also requires a verified payment method in order to download free items.

I found this out when my account dropped to nothing with recent move and holiday expenses. Apparently, every time you try to download anything Apple checks to see if you have money. This meant that until I got paid, I could not download free software or updates.

Apparently, Apple only caters to people who always have available cash at every moment, not the hoi polloi, like me.
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I started out with an iphone. I prefer android because the devices are larger and I don't have to get eyestrain to read the screen.
Also, when I use larger type it scales, and I don't have three words per page.
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So, I'm trying very hard to like the new "Flash" show. But I suspect that if I have to try to like it, there's a problem.

I'm okay with a little suspension of disbelief for a superhero or science fiction story.

But I'm not a fan of bad writing.

First, Detective West, Barry Allen's surrogate father decides, for no explained reason I can determine, to tell Allen that he doesn't want him to tell Iris (West's daughter, and Allen's best and oldest friend) that he's got super powers. It's just not explained. It seems like this is just dumped crudely into the story to create artificial conflict.

Then, in episode two, there's a guy who can "clone" himself. They keep explaining that this is because his cells can super-divide or something. Something "science." (hand-wave). The clone guy steals a bunch of guns, so his clones can all be armed. Because obviously he can't grow guns.

However, he can apparently grow clothes. Because all of his duplicates appear wearing what he was wearing. Including the one the Flash's friends grow in their lab.

When I heard they were doing a spin-off of Arrow, I got all excited. But this is kinda bad.

To quote Marion Zimmer Bradley: "Disbelief should not be suspended by the neck until dead."
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The only saving grace of the show, for me, is Felicity showing up to tell them how to be less stupid, and them making Captain Cold an almost believable villain.
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Robin Williams killed himself. I am devastated. There are no words.
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Very sad indeed.  
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Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not a Christian, and not religious. And that I'm extremely suspicious of anything remotely like organized or disorganized religion, including the sort of obnoxious atheism (yet another ism) that get's play on television and the internet.

But one of the phrases from the bible that comes often to my mind is Luke 23:34. In a nutshell, it's "Father, forgive them, they know not what they do," or some permutation thereof.

I used to get a lot angrier at people, when they said or did stupid things (especially when they do them to others).

But after a long period of reflection, I think that most of the time, people don't actually mean to be awful. When they are awful, they do a lot of work trying to convince themselves they're good. If they didn't, they wouldn't be able to be awful and sleep at night. Most people justify their actions.

Some people are weaker, or less-informed, or more afraid. They're not being terrible on purpose. Often, the person that is doing the thing that pisses you off is even doing it because they think they must in order to be a good person or make a better world.

I'm not saying "let people do bad things." I'm just saying, "don't treat them like the enemy. Don't pretend they're bad and evil for evil's sake."

People do many awful things because they think they're doing right.

And good and evil, as one of my best friends in the world is fond of saying, are relative to your point of view.

In short - Liberals, please understand that conservatives aren't deliberately trying to create a world where everyone chokes on fossil fuel smoke, and where stupidity is valued. Conservatives, please understand that liberals aren't trying to create a world where lazy drug addicts get to eat salmon all day while converting your children to homosexuality and witchcraft.

Liberals want personal freedom and like to try new things.

Conservatives want security and to keep beloved traditions that work.
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Thank you.
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There is growing support for an Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign.

I like her. I think she'd make a much better president than pretty much anyone who has been president in my lifetime.

But, nagging at me, is the thought of a congress without Ms. Warren in it.

People seem to think the office of President has powers that it doesn't actually have. Presidents don't make laws. Congress does.

On the other hand, if I have to choose between a Hillary Clinton presidency, a presidency of whatever crazy idiot the Republicans come up with, or Elizabeth Warren, I'll go with Warren. At least her heart appears to be in the right place (unlike that Preying Mantis, Clinton), and she's not stupid and crazy (unlike every person the Republicans intend to field, other than Jeb, who, while neither stupid nor crazy, is a politician for politic's sake, and completely in the pocket of moneyed interests).

Wow. So my real choices in the next presidential campaign are probably "Who is worse? Hillary or Jeb?" Because that's who will most likely be running. And I want neither.

I have occasionally written in candidates who have no chance of being elected. Generally Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, other than the time I wrote in "Ralph Nader."

I guess, this time, I'll be writing in Elizabeth Warren, or whichever never-heard-of candidate the Green party fields.

I've been able to predict, every time, who will be the next president, well in advance of their actual campaign, since Nixon. The American people are, if anything, predictable. So, all hail our next president, Hillary "watch a man be dragged off and beaten by jackbooted thugs for quietly dissenting in front of her while giving a speech about free speech" Clinton.

But I'm not bitter.
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Alert issued by State Department shortly after Hillary left.
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Another reason my current mac will be the last Apple product I buy...

So, I finally decided, during my downtime between employment, that it was time to upgrade my OS. I'm still running ancient 10.6.8.

So, I checked the specs and all, and according to their website, my machine should more than be able to handle the current OS.

Naturally, life is not that easy.

I tried to get the update through the Apple Store, and it told me it cannot be installed on my machine.

So, I figure, maybe I'm limited to an earlier version.

Now here's where I went wrong. Instead of searching online, I called AppleCare's upgrade people, and asked them what version I needed to use.

After a lot of time on the phone, I got someone on the line who told me that I could upgrade to 10.8. All I'd have to do is visit the apple website and purchase it (new OS is free, old OS costs money). Then, apparently using technologies and methods from the early nineties, instead of being able to directly download or install my new(er) OS, at time of purchse (like pretty much any modern software) I would have to wait 1-3 days for them to send me an email with a code to redeem in the Apple Store.

So, after a day or so, first I get an email with a PDF that has a password, and then later, an email with the password to open the PDF, which contains the code, to take to the Apple Store.

This is already a little byzantine (and pure security theater), in my opinion, but hey, what the hell.

So, I get the code, type it into the "redeem" box in the App Store, and get a message that says "That software will not install on this computer," after which the one-time code, is, of course, disabled.

So, I do some checking, and discover that my particular model cannot be upgraded (at least through normal Apple channels - see later) to 10.8. The latest OS it can handle is 10.7.5.

No problem, I figure - I'll just call them back, get a refund on the wrong OS, and download the similarly-priced correct OS.

Ha! Ha ha ha! Ha haaaaa!

I called AppleCare back, and explained the problem. They reviewed the notes, and agreed that indeed, the person who told me to purchase 10.8 had steered me wrong.

I then proceeded to get transferred to about five other people, all of whom seemed genuinely apologetic about the obvious (and documented on their end) mistake. All of them insisted that they understood, and that I should get a refund.

However, apparently Apple runs OS stuff through their licensing department, not their sales department or customer service. The licensing people

A: Do not speak to customers
B: Do not give refunds for purchased OS's, because pirates or something.

B, despite the fact that I have never actually come into possession of the software (because the Apple Store wouldn't even let me download it, since it was the wrong version).

This is an important distinction here. I never got the software. If they'd mailed me a DVD, I could sort of see them being iffy about a refund. After all, I could have copied the DVD, then demanded a refund, if I were a criminal. But I never came into possession of the software at all. Even the download key code is one-time-use only, so it's not like I could go "Nyah ha ha" and download it onto a different computer.

So, basically, I paid for software I was instructed to download by Apple. It's the wrong software, and doesn't install on my machine. Even though I can't use it, and never received it, they don't want to give me a refund.

Now, this has wasted hours of my life. But not only that - it's wasted 2-3 hours of the time of various support, customer service, technical support people, and supervisors who were trying to help me. So even if all those people are making minimum wage (and I assume at least some of them make a little more than that), they've already lost more than $19.

Have I mentioned this purchase is for $19?

 So the current state of things is that the nice supervisor lady I spoke to is going to "advocate on my behalf," and "make a case for why I should have an exception made," and I'll hear back in 1-3 days about whether I get my $19 back.

Now, my plan was to use that $19 in order to turn around and buy the software that's actually correct. But you know, not only am I having cold feet - because I'm now concerned that if I buy that it'll turn out it can't be installed either - but also I'm thinking that I don't want to give one thin dime to a company that has policies that are this stupid, aggravating, time-wasting, and unfair.

I've been an Apple customer since 1983. I'm pretty sure I've been an Apple customer longer than a couple of the people I spoke to on the phone have been alive.

If there was any chance I'd even consider buying another Apple product it's gone now (and that was already pretty slim - just based on how they treat their employees, and workers in their manufacturing centers, they've been on my shit list for a while).

So, during my investigations, here's the icing on the cake:

My machine is perfectly capable of running the newer OS's. Not in an Apple-supported way, but it's physically capable of doing so. How do I know? Because there's hackers who have discovered that all that's needed is to replace one single bootloader file in the installer, and they can install 10.8, 10.9, and 10.10 on the same exact machine I have.

The only reason I can't install a modern OS on this machine through normal channels, is, apparently, because Apple wants to force people to buy new expensive stuff.

Okay. I guess that's their prerogative.

It's also my prerogative to switch to linux (I'd say Windows, but... ha!).

And to no longer recommend Apple products or services.

I still think OS X is the best overall operating system out there. I love the interface, I love the security, I love the features. I even like my hardware (despite knowing it cost way more than the exact same hardware would for any other PC). So it's not the product. It's not even the employees I've dealt with (who have all been great, even if one of them made a mistake on recommending an OS).

It's the company and it's policies that have made me decide to no longer be an Apple customer.

They have a product I like, that I was willing to pay money for. I've been a customer, like I say, for over thirty years (and yes, I bought my first Apple computer when I was a teenager, with my own funds).

And somehow, they've still managed to be lousy enough that they've lost my future business.

I would put my experiences nearly on par with dealing with AT&T and Wells Fargo (although nobody's as bad as those two).

I don't do business with AT&T or Wells Fargo, because of their general business practices, and because of how I was treated personally.

I will do the same with Apple.
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Laugh at Windows if you wish... but at least they don't arbitrarily discard customers. And shame on you. What kind of Apple user are you? Don't you know when Apple says "Buy a new system" through subtle hints, you say "Thank you sir, May I have another?"
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We found a house. It is fan-fricking-tastic. More details soon.
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What area are you headed to?
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So, the argument here seems to be "The only difference between animals who are cows and animals that are dogs is how we treat them and feel about them, so there's no difference between killing and eating a cow, and killing and eating a dog."

Okay. First off, I could make the argument that, since humans are animals, there's no difference between killing and eating a cow, and a human, except "feelings."

But I'll only go there for shock/comedic value. Now that I'm done with that:

Dogs and humans have co-evolved for tens of thousands of years. During that time, we've caused dogs to adapt to be creatures that are basically customized to live among humans as companions and helpers. Humans have changed in response to living with dogs, also, but I think it's safe to say that we have spent a lot of time and energy making enormous changes to dogs, until they've become adapted to being our companions.

Cows? Cows we've adapted for thousands of years, until we've made them food.

You don't generally bring a cow into your living room to cuddle on the sofa as a pet, because they haven't been bred for that. They've been bred to be food.

My point has nothing to do with the morality of killing another animal for food (or even altering it so that it serves a specifically human purpose). Merely that there's more to the difference between food animals and companion/work animals than "feelings," or social mores.

From a moral standpoint, I don't approve of mistreating food animals and causing them preventable suffering. I think our food industry is abominable in this country.
I live around the corner from a gourmet grocery store that has, for the past several weeks, displayed three-foot-long sides of cured beef in the display window. The meat looks like what hangs from those big metal hooks in a slaughterhouse after people saw the cow in half. Though I...
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That is a great approach to the difference between the animals, simple and straight-forward.  We can also go into economic space - dogs are higher on the foodchain, so they require more natural resources to produce the same quantity of meat as a cow would.  Or intelligence - cows are nice but dogs work at a superior level of understanding on par with small children.. bringing us much closer to the idea of eating 'people' than if we ate something like, say, a vegetable.  Cool post / note.  
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Ras Kassa's is one of our family's favorite restaurants of all time. I am rather fond of saying that they not only have the best Ethiopian food I've ever had, but the best food I've ever eaten, period. There is something almost spiritual, yet earthy about eating there. The owners believe strongly in imparting traditional values of sharing a meal. As others have surely mentioned, food is served in a communal fashion, with everyone reaching in with bits of injera bread to take mouthfuls of lentils, or stew, or cheese, or any of many amazing delicacies. When eating there, I feel less like a customer in a restaurant, and more like a guest at a quiet party in someone's home. The owners are always present to see that everything is running smoothly, and everyone is well-fed. They take incredible pride in their work, and when they see people happy and fulfilled, they positively beam with happiness. You don't just get food, you get a philosophy of sharing, community, and hospitality. Don't expect silverware here. And for heaven's sake, don't ask for separate plates when eating in a group - your hosts will be mortified! The food itself is amazing. I have tried literally every food item on the menu, and every single one is perfection. They have both spicy and mild dishes, a great vegetarian selection - nearly good enough to convert a carnivore like myself - and you can even get gluten-free items (including gluten-free injera bread). My recommendation is to go with combination dishes, so you can try a little of everything. It's hard to choose stand-out items from the menu for recommendation, because everything is so good. If you love fish, you'll love it even more after you try Ras Kassa's fish dishes. Those familiar with soul food and southern cooking may be happily surprised to see many familiar ingredients - sweet potatoes, collard greens, and more. But here, you're getting it from the source. And it _will_ feed your soul. Dinner can be a little pricey (about twenty dollars per person), though their lunch buffet is extremely reasonable (ten dollars or so per person, and the same great food). If you can manage a group of ten or more for dinner, you can take advantage of their _incredible_ "Passport to Africa" special where, for eleven dollars per person, you can all try nearly everything on the menu, plus beverages (try their superb honey wine, african wines and beers, or teas and coffees). The passport and combination meals for two or more come with dessert as well, and the desserts are as phenomenal as the rest of the menu. Last night, there was a rich chocolate mousse-style confection, topped with raspberries, that had us scraping the dish. I would put Ras Kassa's food up against any Michelin-rated restaurant, and expect Ras Kassa's to come out on top. I can't recommend this place enough.
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