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Coryn: Go finish your character!
Me: But I need water. What if I dehydrated and died?
Coryn: Then you would be weak, and unsuitable as a mate.
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hardcore gamings
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Coyote Osborne

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Seriously? What the fuck, guys. And the police chief doesn't want to release the names of the officers, because I guess there would be consequences for this behavior. Like, I dunno, public shaming of people who don't deserve to have a badge or gun?

Cowards. Bullies. Human piles of shit. I hope they choke to death on their own puke. Which they should find easy to do if they look in a mirror.
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Why am I somehow NOT shocked that this was in Henry Co Ga.
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Coyote Osborne

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Truth. Love. Courage.

I played this video game in the 80's. Ultima IV. The game's creator had built three earlier games that were basically dungeon crawls. You find a ten foot room. An orc is guarding a treasure chest. You kill the orc and take his stuff. They were mindless. And very successful. This guy took a couple of years off and decided to make a game that was more meaningful.

So Lord British (Richard Garriott), spent some time researching world religions and philosophies, trying to figure out of there was some unifying set of principles.

He came up with this system of three principles, from which eight virtues could be derived.

From Truth, Love, and Courage, you could get:

Truth + Truth = Honesty
Love + Love = Compassion
Courage + Courage - Valor
Truth + Love = Justice
Love + Courage = Sacrifice
Truth + Courage = Honor
Truth + Love + Courage = Spirituality
Truth, and Love, and Courage, by themselves = Humility

That sunk into my head. I don't know about the virtues, really, but the principles became the building blocks of how I dealt with the world.

(Later, I saw Moulin Rouge, where they added the idea of Beauty as a principle).

So, it may seem silly that I learned something from video games and movies that had an effect on me. But I'm not ashamed of it, because I think the principles are sound.

Never pretend to believe a lie.
Never fail to act with love.
Never be ruled by fear.

Always seek to make the world a better place, or to appreciate the world you are given.

Put all those principles together, and you can't go wrong.
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Ky has actually based his own principles on those virtues since he was young.
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Coyote Osborne

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Does anyone on my friends list remember a show called "WKRP in Cincinatti?"

Please don't google it, or if you do, say so.

It is the show that gave us "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"
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Yup.. I remember it. I think I have the turkey ep on tape, actually.
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I think we're headed for a major economic collapse that makes the last recession look like patty-cakes. Soon. Like in the next handful of years.

What should we do to prepare for this, as individuals?
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I'd say, popcorn and lounger :)
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Coyote Osborne

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Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Nature will find a way to restore itself.  Thanks. Coyote, for posting this.  Now, if we could only find something to crossbreed humans with that would increase their intelligence and remove their fascination with materialism.
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Coyote Osborne

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This has my blood boiling. This takes bullying to the highest level. Honestly, grown men think its okay to threaten children with firearms? I guess if an adult showed up to tell them to stop scaring the kids, they would have shot them.




A blot on the name of good police, of good people, everywhere.

And anyone who would protect you likewise.

You are pieces of shit shaped like humans. The world does not need you. I hope gravity stops working on you and you fall off the face of the earth and die in space.
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Now Coyote, I think you're overlooking the fact that these kids are black. They're lucky they didn't wear hoodies or the police would've had to take steps! /sarcasm
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Coyote Osborne

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Google just asked me if I wanted a custom url, all my own, that only I would have.

It suggested,

Which is my name.

When I attempted to verify, it told me the url was unavailable, because someone else had taken it.

Seriously? There's another Coyote Osborne? I doubt it.

So I went to visit the url, and it told me there was no url by that name.

Good job, Google!
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I've had that for a few months now.  Of course BrianJohnson is already taken (the downside of a really common name)

Since I own, I was trying to get it to be  I followed the process, but couldn't get it to work. just isn't as appealing to me.
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Coyote Osborne

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Yesterday, I decided to clean my desk. It was a little cluttered.

Normally, I clean my desk maybe once or twice a year, when the clutter gets bad enough that it's distracting. I'm not a very neat person, and when things are too neat and organized, it makes me a little uncomfortable.

Well, I hadn't cleared my desk in about two years.

Holy shit.

My husband told me, partway through the project, that he needed to be included in the proceeds from the sale of any dinosaur bones I uncovered.

I found a Palm pilot in the detritus.

I threw out enough nail clippings to create a replica of the Naglfar. Along with bits of french fries from time out of mind.

I found a battery charger for a camera I bought five years ago. There were comic books in there. And a printer that stopped working in 2011.

Old lottery tickets. A pocket calculator so old they don't make batteries for it any more. An amulet to ward off demons. Two packs of Crayola markers.

I only got this desk two years ago, and somehow, among the detritus, there were items that are a decade or more old. Paper clips. I don't even use paper clips. I don't know where they came from, as I haven't purchased a paper clip in over twenty years. Receipts and grocery lists from years ago. Cough drops. Antibiotics. A provigil pill. Adapter cables that link one obsolete technological device to another that I don't own any more.

Also, about ten dollars in change.

I only got this desk two years ago. How in the hell did it accumulate such an incredible fossil record? Apparently, my slob-powers move through time and space!
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As for the comic books, they were last issues of miniseries I missed getting as a teenager, and managed to find a few years ago. I'd since given away the other issues. They're worth, maybe, a total of three dollars. Nobody but me apparently read Silverback or Twilight Man.
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Ras Kassa's is one of our family's favorite restaurants of all time. I am rather fond of saying that they not only have the best Ethiopian food I've ever had, but the best food I've ever eaten, period. There is something almost spiritual, yet earthy about eating there. The owners believe strongly in imparting traditional values of sharing a meal. As others have surely mentioned, food is served in a communal fashion, with everyone reaching in with bits of injera bread to take mouthfuls of lentils, or stew, or cheese, or any of many amazing delicacies. When eating there, I feel less like a customer in a restaurant, and more like a guest at a quiet party in someone's home. The owners are always present to see that everything is running smoothly, and everyone is well-fed. They take incredible pride in their work, and when they see people happy and fulfilled, they positively beam with happiness. You don't just get food, you get a philosophy of sharing, community, and hospitality. Don't expect silverware here. And for heaven's sake, don't ask for separate plates when eating in a group - your hosts will be mortified! The food itself is amazing. I have tried literally every food item on the menu, and every single one is perfection. They have both spicy and mild dishes, a great vegetarian selection - nearly good enough to convert a carnivore like myself - and you can even get gluten-free items (including gluten-free injera bread). My recommendation is to go with combination dishes, so you can try a little of everything. It's hard to choose stand-out items from the menu for recommendation, because everything is so good. If you love fish, you'll love it even more after you try Ras Kassa's fish dishes. Those familiar with soul food and southern cooking may be happily surprised to see many familiar ingredients - sweet potatoes, collard greens, and more. But here, you're getting it from the source. And it _will_ feed your soul. Dinner can be a little pricey (about twenty dollars per person), though their lunch buffet is extremely reasonable (ten dollars or so per person, and the same great food). If you can manage a group of ten or more for dinner, you can take advantage of their _incredible_ "Passport to Africa" special where, for eleven dollars per person, you can all try nearly everything on the menu, plus beverages (try their superb honey wine, african wines and beers, or teas and coffees). The passport and combination meals for two or more come with dessert as well, and the desserts are as phenomenal as the rest of the menu. Last night, there was a rich chocolate mousse-style confection, topped with raspberries, that had us scraping the dish. I would put Ras Kassa's food up against any Michelin-rated restaurant, and expect Ras Kassa's to come out on top. I can't recommend this place enough.
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