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A New Breed, An Old Tradition - New Age Western Movies -
A New Breed, An Old Tradition - New Age Western Movies -

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Western Novel Spotlight Folly and Glory

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Friday Friends Glendale City Council OKs cowboy cutouts

“They stuck a beard on me, thrust an old Winchester in my hand and gave me a horse.” - Gary Cooper on his first role as an extra in 1925.

Shane Trivia: There is a disappearing liquor bottle in the first saloon scene; when Shane enters, the bottle is visible, but it disappears and reappears multiple times over the next few shots.

Ford insisted on having Wayne cast in Stagecoach, despite the objections of the producer, Walter Wanger, who knew Wayne’s history as a straight B-movie star – even though Wayne had already done nearly 80 other films.

In Tombstone, Ike Clanton is shown participating in the OK Corral shootout; in the actual event, he ran away without firing a shot.

55 deaths are portrayed in the final cut of The Magnificent Seven.

The answer: we would take the Oregon Trail. The Oregon Trail was scouted as early as 1823 by explorers and fur traders. By the 1830’s, it was used regularly by mountain men, traders, missionaries, and military expeditions.

The year is 1841 and we are headed for the Columbia River country. What trail would we take from Independence, MO?

He was holding Black Aces and Eights.
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