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This makes me sick. 72 days? Really? 72 DAYS!? And yet some of my friends can't get married because since they're of the same sex as their partner who they've been with for years because it would ruin "the sanctity of marriage"? Seriously, if something like he's not playing his part in the "Kardashian brand" and where they want to live is enough to break up a marriage then you didn't start with much.
Then there's the 10 million dollars that was spent on that wedding, that could have went to do more important things, like I dunno, feed or provide homes for people.
I hate everything.
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If it weren't for the countless gossip rags in the break room at work I would have no idea who this bitch is. Oh wait, she's a reality star, so she got famous because the world got to see her vaj in a "leaked" sex tape. Don't all reality stars make their "big breaks" through "leaked" sex tapes? Why does the public encourage and reward this? Since when is being a materialistic whore without any visible talent candidacy for stardom? And how fucked was her husband in the head to think that she was worth a 20 and a half carat rock? "Reality" TV makes me constantly question my faith in humanity.
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