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I love that all of them are noted as "unconfirmed" - although I hope Robots of Sherwood is really one. That sounds like a Robin Hood/Cybermen episode if I ever heard one. 
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Courtney Jones

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Okay folks - I need help. Any recommendations for a great USB Skype headset? 
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Courtney Jones

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+gwen morrison is going through a big change - and you should be too! It's time to re-evaluate your marketing plan.
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Courtney Jones

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I'm such a forward thinker, but I have a penchant for nostalgia too. It turns out they are linked! Here's a neat read about how looking back can help you be more creative in the future. 
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Finally! A concise guide.
rel=author vs rel=publisher: When to Use Each

I've noticed time and again that there is rampant confusion about the difference between Author and Publisher verification (rel=author vs. rel=publisher). This post is my attempt to disambiguate the two, and to explain what I think their proper usage is.

Let me know if you have questions, or even disagree with my take!
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Have you read my latest at SEO Copywriting?
I love this post. Yup. It's time to get used to being a storyteller. Or else. :)
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Courtney Jones

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Here's exactly what to look for in a good social media partner!
Looking for a GOOD social media partner? When doing your search, be sure you're looking for a person with these 5 qualities.
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How much do you know (or not know) about Google Plus?
+Neal Schaffer has put up an Online questionaire on +Lev Kaye CredSpark Website to test how well you know G+.
Check it out!
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Courtney Jones

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Somedays you've just got to channel Wonder Woman! #IamGeek
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love it , wish I knew this wonder woman
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Courtney Jones

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Star Trek - here we come!
The future of food could involve a 3D printer:
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Content Marketing Strategist, California Girl, Star Trek Nerd
Hi - I'm Courtney Jones. I'm the Director of Content Marketing Strategy at Endurance Marketing and founder of Six Degrees Content. I love online content creation! Whether I'm creating a strategy to take B2B clients from boring to breakthrough or managing bi-weekly editorial calendars for my team of writers, I put my clients' business goals first. I translate where they want to be into a step by step plan for publishing compelling and creative content.

I'm a monthly columnist at Maximize Social Business and frequent guest blogger at SEO Copywriting, and I love being a contributor to B2B, content marketing and social media blogs.

When not typing madly away at the keyboard, I am geeking out with my two warrior-poet-engineer-artist daughters. 

I love to learn - I'm a scanner - and I'm driven to find out as much about my interests as possible. Currently these include content #curation, #personas, #social media, #futurism, #herbal medicine, #social storytelling, #paleo eating, #organization, #StarTrek, #Firefly, #DoctorWho, and #yoga. 

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Small Business/Entrepreneurship



Content Marketing

Social Media


SciFi TV and Movies

  • University of Southern California
    English, 2001
Content Marketing Strategist and Copywriter
  • Six Degrees Content
    Content Coordinator, 2010 - present
  • Six Degrees Content
    Content Marketing Consultant, 2010 - present
  • Six Degrees Content
    SEO Copywriter, 2010 - present
  • Six Degrees Content
    Owner, 2010 - present
  • Freelance Copywriter
    Freelance Copywriter, 2006 - 2010
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This is my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant. Not only do they have authentic, awesome food - they make my little girl a grilled cheese sandwich when we go in. The staff is helpful, friendly and remembers you. And the rice is to die for! Try their chicken chimichanga, enchiladas or relleno. You won't be disappointed! I'm calling in for lunch today.
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