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Finishing up my second piece in two days. It's worth a look-see, I had people at work last night trying to sneak photos of it.

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I made it!

Muh Drawsing! Come look!

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I'm minimally recovered from last week, and have a lot of work to do.

In the current vogue of creatives, instead I'm going to be playing video games.

Come discuss it with me! Opening this window helps me out! Even if you leave it open and muted it's helpful. Also, you can enjoy awkward one-sided conversation!

I need opinions on this difficult problem.

I have players, who are aggressively engaged in the campaign world. Not only retrieving treasure, but also building towers, hiring mercenaries, thinking about restarting a silver mine.

The thing is, it's not currently their domain. It's under the control of an NPC.

I'm looking for opinions on how you would manage the soon to be conflict in your game. Explain your methods, process and procedures to me like I'm five.
Or don't, I'm not the boss of you.

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Live and drawing.

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Stream is live!

We're going to finish a wonderful piece of art, talk about globalism, and perhaps discuss Mesopotamian beard maintenance!

Even if you can't watch, just dropping by and giving a follow helps. It's a cool place with cool peoples, even if the chat moderator is a weredog.

Just an update: going to possibly have a short stream, looking into some of the issues we had yesterday, and am likely going to be changing my twitch nickname soon. Will update in this thread when I'm live. 

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Does this look amazing? Come hang out and watch me finish it.

It looks even better in 1080p.

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Stream time.
I'm almost finished with the drawing, but it's still my weekend and my toe is broken, so I'm just going to relax with some Disgaea 2. Come by to chat!

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Art stream is going. Come check out amazing art and scintillating conversation. Not mongrel at all.

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