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What's involved in an entirely new campaign?

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The death of Google plus is an opportunity.

You, me, everyone, here, there, or somewhere. Storygamers, OSRers, Messageboarders and 5e-ers, dashers and dancers and mutants and dragons.

We need to decide on a place to go, as a group, and all go there, and share it on all our blogs, boards, tweets, and reddits as the place to be for DIY/RPGs/Games .

This thread is where we decide where to go. Someone provide suggestions.

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Google is shitting the bed.

My computer died, and I'm looking for temporary solutions for blogging. So I find out my blogger app on my iPad doesn't work.

I checked into what google had to say, via google search. Which led me to this shitshow.

You know that is? That's one google employee, telling literally sixty people "We killed it, because no one used it. Too bad, use a web browser."

If sixty people cared enough to comment about the app, how many users beyond that did they silently abandon? Am I drawing a comparison between that and how they are handling huge numbers of their users on G+? You're fucking right I am.

Do no evil indeed. A Corporation does only what corporations do.

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+Courtney Campbell is one of the best nuts-n-bolts referees in the OSR. This is generally applicable to all fantasy campaigns and no less useful in Dolmenwood.

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So this free app, Adventuresmith, uses content from blogs (such as Hack & Slash) and books ( +Rafael Chandler's Roll XX books) in its random generator tables.

Literally, they've been digitized and made available on the Android/Google Play platform. Look closely and some of you may find some of your work in there.

I am interested in opinions. 

Just a reminder to everyone, that I have a variety of collections and I'm very strict about posting only relevant issues in each one.

If you don't want to hear about video games or oversharing, unfollowing those collections should be simple. 

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Obligatory Video Game Hangouts and Chats notice.

Come watch me play badly!

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Giddy, I tell you.
Things that happened in our last Perdition session that amused me:
The Inheritor telling some fire newts he’ll pose their corpses in embarrassing ways after he kills them, then doing exactly that.
Upon finding a cold-iron magic scimitar they’d been searching for, debating whether they even wanted to touch it.
The inheritor touching it, then getting another chaos mutation (now has a second face, whip tail, fangs, and claws at level 2.)
Then the orc thug touched it, turning albino and light sensitive (he doesn’t have darkvision, and I’m enforcing light conditions (easy through roll20); I laughed at him.)
Instead of keeping the sword Mindbiter (cold-iron, does an additional 1d4 mental damage on a hit, causes a chaos mutation the first time you touch it unless you make a save), they gave it their devil lord no strings attached. He was happy, but anymore of this sucking up he might get sick of these sycophants.


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Three years later. . .
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