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Why you need to learn all about tongue scraping ::
Have a hard time controlling your cravings no matter what you do? Have you ever tried Tongue Scraping, you need to! I will show you what it is and WHY you need one!
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Have a hard time kicking sugar to the curb? I have all the answers in today's blog post!
Having a hard time letting go of the sugar? Here are Tips to Beat Sugar Cravings that you can use starting today to change your life!
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Need a quick workout to get you through the winter? This workout can be done with water bottles and is perfect for those of you who are traveling!

Try my Toned Arms Workout for Women!
This week for me was all about that goal setting, I really got head on, wine sipping real with me and it was the best thing I did! Most years I am burnt out, withered away from working my days away, my eyes burning and my brain fried..December is that type of month for most people
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Let's PARTY without ruining our goals!
Party season is upon us and I know how hard it can be to stay on track! Here are some tips to enjoy the party and be social without going off track with your results.
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10 Minute Booty Workout ::
One thing I struggle with MAJORLY is building the booty. It takes a lot of time for me because I am an ectomorph body type to build muscle, lots of food, hard work and heavy lifting is my ticket to success but sometimes a girl has better things to do like build her I
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How to Fit Working Out into Your Boss Babe Lifestyle ::
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Feeling burnt need this post.
While there is nothing WRONG with getting fired up and racing towards 2018 with your goals held high, you need to ask yourself “Can I Keep this Pace in 3 plus months?” I am an AVID goal setter, I love it, from the dream of the goal, to the process of figuring out how I
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Enter to win all of my favorite things from 2016!
December just flew by, I spent half of it in Fort Lauderdale, Florida exploring South Beach, the other half master planning the first quarter of 2017 and the rest with family lighting the menorah and watching my little niece grow..December is just that SLOW down time so this year I really made it a point
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Love working out at home? Try this Kettlebell Leg Workout ::
With the launch of Bombshell Angel in the Fit and Fabulous Club I have been working day in and day out so I had to squeeze some workouts into my day using my trust worthy piece of equipment, the kettle bell. The one thing I truly love about my kettle bell is that I am
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Delicious Pumpkin Pie Smoothie perfect for fall ::
Ah..pumpkin pie smoothies..this smoothie is DELICIOUSLY insanely good like YUM! Just editing these photos I want to make one although I just ate dinner..I am pretty simple when it comes to eating, I have a rotation of foods I eat and this works for me but for some, this is boring and not a way
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10 Minute Flat Tummy Workout :
After the weekend like I had I like to add on and end workouts to my day. I am not crazy impulsive and working out all day, it is more of a at night I might work my abs a bit more or do some squats and lunges while I am cooking dinner, nothing crazy
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Fat Burning, Brain Boosting Coffee Recipe is now LIVE on the blog! Let's kick MONDAY's in the BUTT ::
Coffee can either be your worst enemy or your best friend, either way it is probably you best friend like it is mine. I go to bed some nights envisioning my cup of cold brew waiting for me in the morning. I know the Starbucks struggle, but listen if you truly want to have some
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Fitness and Wellness Master, Owner of Star Systemz, Love Norman Bentley, Mother of 2 Shihs
Hi! Call me COURT STAR! I am the Owner of Star Systemz, a certified CPT with NASM, a Power Pilates Instructor, hold a degree in Nutrition, am a Health Food Fanatic, Workout and Wellness is my life, and my husband Norman Bentley is my soul mate <3

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CEO, NASM CPT Certified, AS in Health and Nutrition, Power Pilates Mat Certified
  • Fullerton College
    Nutrition and Health, 2008 - 2010
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Owner of Star Systemz, Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Spray Tanner
  • Star Systemz
    Owner, 2011 - present
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I got the NYC Signature Anti Aging Facial and LOVED IT! Not only did my husband notice my glow that night, he said something two weeks later! I could not be happier with the treatment and look forward to getting one again soon! I recommend this treatment to anyone who may be shy to try botox but want to see their skin tighten and get a youthful glow!
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This place is A SHIT HOLE literally, there are cracks in the walls, the place looks like a dump STAY AWAY do not waste your money! The husband and I checked in walked into our room that still has a key slot and looks like a crack house. We traded with interval international who should be ashamed to have this place on there list of places to go, it is literally THAT BAD! Our vacation went from exciting to a HELLHOLE now to the W to get a real 5 STAR experience!
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