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The best +Lifehacker post I've ever read. They need to do more long form stuff.

It's funny, because I think Lifehacker's been falling into the very vapidity condemned in this article as of late.
The idea that the hard way is often the right way isn't a new idea, but sometimes we fail to realize how many corners we cut and the toll it takes on the way we approach our work.
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I don't think I really agree with you about the lack of quality of LH articles. I mean they may not have really 'complex' articles but still there was this really good one about using the edge of your bathroom counter to get the toothpaste stuck at the bottom of the tube out after you can't squeeze any more out of the middle . I was just like "mind blown" I've been throwing out half full tubes for years!
Haha ya. I didn't say that LH articles were lacking in quality. Their "hacks" articles have always been awesome. The frustration I have with them is that when they try to treatise a subject of larger scope, they tend to be excessively shallow and vapid. This article went deep into a specific subject and made a full argument, and I really appreciate that.
agreed, I was more making a joke about some of their more obvious hacks they post. the toothpaste tube have to really made me roll my eyes. Still, I imagine it's rather hard to come up with 50 new posts a day all well thought out and well written.
Ya, that's another thing: they publish too much! 50 articles a day is waayyy too much. I stopped following their RSS cause of that. I'd prefer 10 well written posts to 50 obvious ones any day.
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