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We're excited to announce that Coursera is partnering with Princeton, Stanford, UMich and Penn to offer additional online courses for free! Topics will include Medicine, Biology, the Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Finance, Computer Science, and more. Sign up today:
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Can you host the lecture videos on youtube or otherwise make them work on more phones?
+Lucas Walter I guess it is hard to collect statistics information about a lecture when the videos are on youtube. For example with current system it will be easier to know that students tend to review a part of lecture video (maybe, because that part is difficult or not very clearly expressed).
+Hieu Tran I won't be generating any statistics if I can't view the videos.

But just using or developing a better player shouldn't be too hard- I think one of the key things (beyond using html5) is automatically downsampling the video for lower resolution screens.

The Vimeo player also works for me, though only for the paying content providers.
+Hieu Tran Khan Academy hosts all its videos on Youtube and they collect and provide access to variuos statistics/reports for the coach and the student. Maybe that model can be emulated for Coursera as well.
Hello..i cant find any course relating to HR/Recruitments..
I can't find a course on building a better comment bot than the one a few comments up.
دوره هاش که شروع شده برای کامپیوتر
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