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Top 6 Magento Extensions To Boost Holiday Sales

Even though Halloween is the wrong holiday to promote these extensions for (who buys presents for Halloween?), this infographic is pretty helpful if you use +Magento for your eCommerce business. 

Consider this a Cyber Monday holiday share. 

And don't forget, if you want to activate your Facebook fans to get more purchases, +CoupSmart has a free plugin for Magento that could be of great use to you. Send us a message, and we'll tell you all about it. 
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Facebook Ad Profit 1,790% Greater on iPhone Than Android

This disparity is ridiculously huge. Why is this the case?

The author guesses it's due to iPhone owners making and spending more money. But, that seems far too simple. There have to be many factors at work here.

A lot of it may have to do with how many people with each device regularly make mobile payments, and have these solutions set up on their device.

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An old quote may answer this quite simply - "a fool and his money are soon parted"
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Linked in  - 
Get A Coupon For Showing Your Co-Workers Your Underwear

Here's a pretty targeted way to use LinkedIn. Fruit Of The Loom is promoting on LinkedIn with a giveaway and coupon deal.

They're targeting users who have reported getting a new job. "Because great-fitting underwear can help you start your workday in a great mood", says Fruit Of The Loom, they are letting users pick the type they want and share it with their LinkedIn network. A few weeks later their underwear arrives along with a coupon for $5 off their next purchase. Interesting, huh?

Full story:
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+California Pizza Kitchen announces a good-tasting, true gluten-free dining option to its customers. 

After a long time testing out recipes for taste and reevaluating processes to ensure there is no cross contamination, CPK is rolling out (get it?) their gluten-free options. This could prove to be an important point of differentiation for the chain as more and more consumers are adopting a gluten-free diet, both out of necessity and preference.

A new menu item like this would be perfect for a social media campaign to get the word out. A social coupon would encourage trial, and be shared far and wide among pizza lovers. Facebook has several targeting options based on the "gluten-free" interest with the specific term #glutenfreediet  bringing back 3.6 million results.   
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Good thoughts from +Dave Knox on how to target millennials
#CMO  +Dave Knox's latest piece for dives into how marketers can tap into brand advocates to reach millennials.
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Facebook App Delivers Skin Care Advice From Your 'Future Self'

To prop up their strategy of encouraging preventative skincare maintenance to young women, Shiseido cosmetics had their agency, Domani, develop an app that delivers advice to the user's timeline and occasional free products.

What do you think of this idea? 

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+Andrij Harasewych Updated. Apologies for the infraction. 
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Online Coupons Are A Huge Hit. Here’s Why You Should Offer Them (Infographic)

Check out this infographic on "This Rise of Online Couponing" from +Visually, and see just how much opportunity is available to brands that use them to market to shoppers.  
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Are You Working Smarter For Black Friday Sales, Or Just Harder?

Does your brand have big plans to grab sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? +Macy's is opening up on Thanksgiving Day to get a jump on things. But, holiday hours when most are enjoying the holiday may not be enough.

Here are some tips on activating your loyal social media following to spread the word to their friends and make purchases from you during this mad rush for the best deals. 

 #socialcommerce #facebookmarketing
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How Wal-Mart Handles Social Media Presence

This is an interesting article detailing how +Walmart divides up responsibilities, and responds to comments, good and bad, especially on Twitter. 

See below for a preview.  

"...Another lesson learned was that social operations needed to be divided into two teams: marketing and corporate-reputation management. The 20-person marketing team handles the main Walmart Twitter and Facebook accounts and uses them as a promotional vehicle. The other team, a gang of four, operates the seven other feeds and is in charge of non-store-related and issue-based mentions." 
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More Social Media Users Sharing Location

What do you think about these increases in auto-sharing of location data (by choice)? Good news for marketers looking to offer up relevant, real-time messaging? 

As one might expect, younger adults are generally more likely to have set at least one social media account to automatically share their location when they post: 32% of adults ages 18-29 and 34% of adults ages 30-49 are automatically tagging posts with their location, compared to 26% of social media users ages 50-64.

Turning to other location-based apps, 74% of all adult smartphone users say they get directions or other information based on their current location, which works out to around 45% of all adults.

#locationbasedmarketing   #geotargeting   #socialmediamarketing  
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Reveal The True Value of Your Customers
CoupSmart's social marketing apps motivate purchases from fan pages, and use the captured data to remarket, producing loyal advocates for brands. 

Our system focuses on collecting the right data from your fans, and making the follow up easy and productive to get the most value from each fan.
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