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After watching the Galaxy S III get unveiled and thinking about the design for a while, I KNEW Samsung was abiding by Apple's litigation. Why else would they make the corners so insanely round, the bezels different sizes, then try to claim it's inspired by nature? I just hope this doesn't affect players like HTC who do make truly unique devices.
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It looks better in white. One more thing... Samsung is going to get sue by Apple again cause S-Voice. Samsung love mimicking Apple.
Jorge P
Maybe Samsung was abiding by the new rules due to the litigation issues with Apple..however...this phone is a disappointment hardware wise. I mean the One X and the Galaxy Nexus look better IMHO. It's thin yes which is good and it deff looks better in white but those corners and the room in between the button and the bezel are just plain awful. And let me not even talk about that glossy back! WTF are you doing Samsung! Take note from HTC! 
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