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I just helped a new recruit join the greener side! :) When did they get rid of the cool bit in the tutorial where Jarvis hacks your scanner and asks you to join the Enlightened? That was so much cooler than what they do now, just having agents hit a button after creating their account.

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Technology, man. This thing is fun.

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"Oculus Rift support of up to five simultaneous... Oculuses!"
Now this is a trailer.

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Mars Panorama - NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover selfie: Martian night
(Digital Art Compilation)

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Anybody looking for an online virtual machine running Linux and Apache that allows for collaborative coding? Click this link, sign up, and we both get an extra gigabyte to use on their servers. :D

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Holy beard, that is beardly.

Two atoms are talking to each other. One says to the other "Hey, I think I've just lost an electron."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm positive."
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