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Something tells me I have seen this before, I just don't remember when or where.
hahahah this is awesome
The resistance is either 100 ohms (If the color band 3 is considered as brown) or 100 kilo ohms (If the color band 3 is considered as yellow or a shade of it) with 5% tolerance :)
Lolwut did I just read
matt mc
You bright spark...
In front of them is electrical resistance no more people understand this :))
hqhahahah.............nice joke OOOHHHMMMMMM.....
Bahaha... Terrible (in the best possible kind of way)
Capacitor discharge, and all red turns into black :-).
Genius! Got to send that to my elec eng brother!!!
I would Like To Ask A Question.State OHM'S law
watt a laugh!   \-))...
but beware of excessive resistance  heat .....LOL
haha-i love electronics. have any i can have?!
+Cory Swanson I certainly gor a charge out of it. Looks like you might be Google+'s king faraday. (My puns get much, much verse!)
This, right here, is why Google+ rules.
bad on so many levels....but funny all the same
The divine 'OM' is now d rib tickling 'ohmmmm'.... lols :P
those are poor solder joints weep :(
the resistance will fail
@Prasanna Radhakrishna:
There's a fourth line that is definitely yellow, offset from the other three by 2 widths (so it's brown, blue, the indeterminate one, a blank space, yellow).  It's really hard to see.
Where can I get "inducted" into this cult.
only 2 bands!!! how to read the value??? 
and then came megavolt from Darkwing Duck
Get a better screen if you think this only has 2 bands lol
What the hell is that? It looks like a giant color coded egg roll on a rotisserie. 
No. They should follow the "LAW"
Looking at that picture, my 1 fellow nerd friend and I got it right away, we had to explain to the other 5 people in the room
That's a resistor up there.  I can't recall how to read the stripes to know what the actual resistance in ohms is, but it would be pretty cool if it was something meaningful.
With great power comes great current squared times resistance. - Thanks to xkcd comic - Ohm
JP Lang
+Elton Woo I saw what you did there - I let loose a hearty "ha!"
JP Lang
+Chrono Tata You can't. You have to go to the next compound down the road, where they have The Great Coil.
Ilove the Lord and I love my Wife.
俄弥陀佛   一眼本质
I wonder if their resistance will succeed or if it will come up.............. 'short'.
hey, the one on the far right is the six flags guy.
Hahhhahahaha....Dude itnoj physics ma ghusse to next exam ma fail thai jase! Ohm ne bholi ja ane Jai and Jagdeesh par concentrate kar
they are joining a 10 Ohm resistance???
couldn't they find a 1 Mega Ohm or even a 1K Ohm resistance
Did anyone see the yellow? For me, I see brown, black, gold or bronze and then yellow which is almost invisible!
LOL. Can I join? runs off to shave head
JP Lang
+Steve Coats

Twinkle, Twinkle little star,
P equates to I squared R.
Twinkle, Twinkle in the sky,
P is also E times I.

Twinkle, Twinkle can you see,
P equals R 'neath the square of E.
E is the same as I times R,
But E over I is also R.

E over R comes up with I,
This law is Ohms', I wonder why?
R is in ohms, E is in volts,
I is in amperes like lightning bolts.

So starkle, Starkle, little twink,
My mind's too muddled now to think.
All these equations may be true,
But it's pie in the sky,
Lest you know what to do.
Master, I've forgotten the code of the color bands.
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