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What's your favorite volume booster app? The Nexus 7 isn't quite cutting it in that department. 
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Volume+  ... is your issue with a specific app or overall volume ? 
Through the speaker or headphone jack? You can't increase the volume of the speaker too much or you'll blow it.
+Kevin O'Quinn Speaker. +Garnie Bolling YouTube. I'll try V+ it doesn't seem loud enough that it would blow if it were turned up a notch. 
If you really want louder speakers get the Nexus 10 with its front facing stereo speakers. :)
+Cory Streater make sure you do it incrementally... V+ is a great app, it will increase your volume, but last think you want is to zap your N7 speaker... I have not had issues with my N7, but then again, I use BT for most things (or a wired head set)... all is good... keep us posted... V+ worked great when my GNexus had issues with the first release of JBean... 
Hmm maybe I'll pull out the headphones instead lol.
+Cory Streater just increment the settings slowly on V+..... what I was trying to say... was not trying to scare you from having a good speaker experience :) 
Use headphones.... Using those apps can damage the speaker
And if you absolutely NEED a speaker get something like the Jawbone Jambox. Hooks up through Bluetooth and is plenty loud. :)
He is Cory Streater.. He can just have someone read the stuff out loud
I'll read the screen to you Cory. 

For a Chromebook. :)
Wow, seriously people, your N7 speakers aren't loud enough!? Mine is plenty loud...or maybe my house is that quiet..? Hmm..
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