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Plan on travelling with a 16GB pad? Bring a second one. The whole cloud thing doesn't work out so well in airplanes and hotels. 
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Just bring a USB memory stick.
Are the hotels and airports you are traveling to in Syria? And therefore without Wi-Fi?
+Jeff champagne they all have them. Try streaming or downloading media on them. Ain't happening. 
You could always read a book... on your 16GB pad. I fit four movies on mine! Jaws, Prometheus, Super 8 and Dark of the Moon. 
32+16+16+16+8 gb microsd pillaged from previous devices. 8gb USB stick and 16gb on device. 112 total. With the OTG it all fits nicely in an empty Altoids tin for travels.
OTG Cable and as many USB memory sticks as you think you could possibly ever use. 
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