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It's going to be an expensive year.
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No it won't. You're a Verizon guy. BUWHWAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH
Yep.  I know I'm getting 2 Nexus 7's (one for me and one as a gift to my niece) and the Nexus 4 later on since my contract goes until March.  I want to have this phone untied to any contract.  
I just bought the gnex and nexus 7 not to long ago. Damn your right I want both the 4 and 10 to complete my collection. Wife has a nexus s 4g so I'm going to talk her into switching to T-Mobile so I can buy a new phone. I don't know what angle I'm going to swing to buy the 10 since I just bought a new computer. 
How long do you think hspa + will be around before T-Mobile and att switch over to just lte completely ? 
I didn't think about that hell yeah nexus 4!! Thanks
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