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Any server nerds try out Ubuntu Quantal Quetzal yet?
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Lol +Chris Johnson. Well I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts on the desktop version. I've heard mostly mixed reviews so far. +Grant Smith I guess I'll spin up a Linode and find out :) 
I never use Ubuntu for servers, only for desktops. Better use a more reliable distro, Debian is the way :)
+Cory Streater , I have been using Quantal Quetzal on my desktop for a few months. I can safely say that it is the best version of Ubuntu released so far. 
I thought about it +Adrian Munteanu The one thing that swayed me to Ubuntu was their 18 month vs 1 year support for security updates. Maybe that's changed since I last looked though, or maybe there's a good counter argument. I'm good with anything that doesn't require me having to type yum. 
For a server I stick with LTS releases (I'm actually still on Lucid for a number of them).  I've got Quantal on one desktop, Precise on another.  Frankly I'm too busy actually using my computer to notice much of a difference between the two.
I use Ubuntu since v 5, for desktop use it's ok, in a server environment i allways preffer Debian, for stability and security. I also work with rpm based distro but for me Debian is the way :)
Nah, I think I'm gonna stick with 12.04 LTS for the long term.
Not going to pretend I have a clue what y'all are talking about. However, you are cute to look at while you do talk.
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