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Thanks to forum member Lakers for being the first to report receipt of the official JB update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus!

Don't break your Check Status button people!

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the folks who haven't already installed JB ROMs on their phones are going to love it....after seeing it on my N7 I coudln't wait for Verizon and took the plunge, haven't looked back!
I'm with you +Brian Johnson It's one of the most impressive updates I can recall, from a performance standpoint.
Being a new root user just for the JB update, what would I need to do if I wanted to go back and try the stock version?
+Cory Streater definitely! I didn't think JB would be Android 5, but it's such an impressive improvement over ICS that I think 4.7 would've been fair. I love it, especially Google Now! :-D
Nexus users are way behind. I've had CM10 on my Samsung Fascinate for several weeks now!  Who needs to upgrade a phone and lose unlimited data? Not me!
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