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Some photos I took of the Venus and Pleiades conjunction, now that my skies are actually clear! Before and after processing (in GIMP) are shown. Also one of the Moon. All taken with my Nikon D3100 and either a 50mm prime lens or a 55-200mm zoom (at 200mm) lens.
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Excellent shots, +Cory Schmitz, I especially like the second one in the album. Did you ever see if you could compile the newest Gimp that does 16 bit?
+Mike Rector Thanks! I didn't yet have a chance to work on GIMP, but I have the day off work tomorrow, so maybe I will. If I shot in raw and used more 16-bit editing, I could probably clean these up better...
Fabulous photos !! Thanks a LOT 4 sharing Cory !!
I love it when you photographers share before and after processing photos, lovely series! Thanks!
wow it's so beautiful! where you take?
+Jeff Kemper Thanks! The exposure time for most of them was 3-5 seconds (except the moon shot). Full photo information should be available in the photo details for each one (click "photo details" when viewing the full image).
Thank you for the comments, everyone! Next time I'll spend more time processing them to try and get a better result.
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