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Anyone know where is a good place to look for good After Effects / 3D artists that can produce TV graphics like the ones below? Looking for a good freelancer looking for some cash.
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Laughed so hard that I cried when watching this drunk a couple nights ago. 

Living With Jigsaw
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Reasons why I love this anime so much. 

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Cory Lu Lu

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So will trolls now not be able to call Android the "poor mans iPhone" now that Apple has release the "poor mans" iPhone5C?

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its still double the price from what I call a high-end Android (nexus 4)
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Extension: Google+ New Look Fixes (1.0.6) (Bug Fixes)
Updated Screenshot:
Main features: Sidebar is always on in an icon only menu, new posts button has been relocated to be less in the way and annoying. Other minor cosmetics. 

Been awhile since the last update. Not even sure how many people are still using it. I've noticed bugs building up over time, but ignored them since I was a bit crammed, but some more came up a few days ago, so I went and attempted those fixes. Hopefully everything works smoothly again. 

+Kristian Bell 

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Just installed this. Very nice.
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I think I can agree with this about 100%. C# is honestly a much better language than Java as a language by itself. The features it has added (especially in C# 3.0 - 5.0) make the language far more useful for developers. 

But off the top of my head, some huge advantages that I use almost daily in C# just aren't available in Java. Such as:

Lambdas (including embedded lambdas),
Await - Async features that make async code extremely simple to create,
Unsigned variables,
Out/Ref parameters
and I literally think I could do this for days. 

I understand that I have a bias coming from regularly using C# over Java and if I were in the Java world more often, I would not notices these features being missed. But it's not, to me, about being able to do Task A in C# that can't be done in Java. But the ways to do them in C# are far easier and simplified. 

With that though, why isn't C# more widely used on non-Microsoft platforms? Is it just this Java comfort zone people are in?

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+1 for fuck Oracle.
But it doesnt change the fact that,
as a game developer at the moment, Mono is not an alternative.
It's missing the "official" support.

C# could have raped Java, but it didn't because it was Microsoft and they want it to be officially  MS-Only.
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Cory Lu Lu

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Batman: "I only work in black.... and sometimes very very dark grey" 

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This Just In!
Green house gases are the new green. Global warming debunked since it's cold outside. Global cooling is the new threat. China now the leader in green. 
—as determined by Fox News anchors

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+Lance Zimmerman I'm totally lost. I don't understand your issue. I never said anything about any global cooling going on, that was Fenderbelly. I only said that global warming is just a product of climate change. Not even sure what you are arguing. 
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Cory Lu Lu

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I made a portable usb powered fog machine. It was intended to be installed in my costume for Halloween. Worked pretty well. Never got around to installing it however.

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That's really cool!
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Okay, so I've created my 10 steps for creating original design after a debate with someone pissed about another app developer ripping off his icons. 

I said that individual icons or design aspects being copied isn't a bad thing, it's how the whole thing comes together that matters. So long as they have a unique offering and the design as a whole is distinct from others on the market to the general user, they shouldn't really be at fault. Modern design is all built on top of each other, it's part of the process. But anyways, here it is:


1. [Identify The Theme] Figure out the theme of what you are trying to create. For games, it could have a techie theme, for girls, something pink.... with unicorns, for Football, something flashy, for Hockey, something glossy, for the general user, something simplistic and polished. The theme should be defined broadly and in pencil and should be better defined as you move through the following steps.

2. [Find Inspiration] Find a design language (or several) that fits Step 1's theme used by someone, somewhere, for anything that you really like. (I encourage constantly creating repositories of designs you like to come back to)

3. [Reinvent It] Take the design and make it into the format of graphics you are creating (i.e. TV graphics, icons, app layout design, etc) exactly how you think the original artist would. If using multiple design languages, do it for each, then combine them into one. (keeping all for reference)

4. [Improve It] Improve the design as much as you can and perhaps redefine a color pallet for the theme.

5. [Simplify It] For anything non-essential in the design, try removing it, if re-added it doesn't look BETTER, leave it out.

6. [Own It] If the improvements you added didn't add a uniqueness to the design that separates it from the original, start making changes to what makes the original iconic until what makes it iconic is unique to itself. Weather it be background patterns, edges, gradients, borders, flare, glow, material, shape, animation, etc. It doesn't need to look completely different, but it needs to not look like a direct copy.

7. [Verify It] Create various elements using this design language, then add back in the result(s) from Step 2. The result(s) from Step 2 should look alien to this design language. If it blends in well, go back to Step 6.

8. [Define It] At the end, the entire design language should be able to be applied clearly to a graphic 400x200 in size. This should basically be a miniature (not shrunk) version of the entire design. Someone looking at this graphic should have a fair understanding of the entire design language. Then create explicit rules for how to apply the various parts from your graphic.

For example: 
• Rules for what to apply to where and when from the design language
• Margin/padding sizes and general white-space rules
• Define what design lines should be followed for alignment
• Text font/color/size stages (title > subtitle > content > sub-content > etc)
• Button font/color/size options (Primary action > action > rare action > disabled)
• Background texture/color/opacity stages (main > category > item > etc.)
• ...and anything else you can think of to prevent the design from getting beat with an ugly stick by yourself or someone else that misapplied the design scheme.

Example of a simple one for buttons I made here:

9. [Hate It] Make the graphic from Step 8 into a tiled background on your desktop. Keep it there for a minimum of a week or two until you hate the design. Then go back to Step 4. If after a month, you still don't hate it, continue.

10. [Finish It] Don't worry about this step; you'll never get past Step 9.

#design   #designing   #uidesign   #uxdesign   #graphicdesign  
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I'll have to come back later and read it again ;-) 
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Cory Lu Lu

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I think the next version of the #Chromecast  should have an HDMI In. That way it works more seamlessly without you having to change inputs on anything. Easily be able to add it to any existing setup with no hassle.
Simply overlay it on existing inputs and we are golden.

+Google +Google Chrome  #chrome   #Google   #Android  
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Not only that, but it eliminates a bunch of motion blur that actually makes the scene look better!

I understand it's utility in sports or precision gaming, but not for movies or TV shows.
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Cory Lu Lu

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Brainstorming tax policy that would be relatively easy to manage, fair, and doesn't promote perpetual wealth. I came to the conclusion of an Inflation Tax coupled with a Consumption Tax with an Optional Income Tax. Let me explain.

The Consumption Tax would be a fixed tax. Let's say it's 15% on all non-[food/health/employee payroll]. 

The Inflation Tax would be a reflection of what's gathered by the 15% consumption tax. So if consumption is low, inflation is high and visa versa. 

This does a few things: 
► Is encourages people sitting on money to stop sitting on money. Spending money is much better for the economy overall, so this is good to encourage in bad economic times. Also diminishes large cash piles being sat on by fat cats. 
► Secondly, it decreases the value of the currency. Although that sounds bad, in bad economic times, it's good to have low valued currency because it encourages other countries to buy from you, thus increasing exports, and discourages people from spending money overseas, thus decreasing imports.  
► This also has the transverse effect when working the other way around. In really good economic times, it slows down the growth at the same rate it's growing. Again, although that sounds bad, it helps stabilize the economy to prevent a giant bubble. 

The Optional Income Tax is something a bit different. It allows you to receive a refund for the amount of the Inflation Tax there was that year, in exchange for an income tax at a guaranteed lower rate at a progressive tax scale. This lower rate would greatly diminish the more you claim, but will always be slightly below inflation. This does a couple things as well:
► Enables a progressive tax rate that allows low income people to minimize their tax burden. 
► Encourages everyone to claim every dollar earned because it's a better deal than letting it inflate.
► Enables a way to do deductions for things such as children, special needs care, disability, schooling, etc. 
   - Noting that all purchased goods are not tax deductible, those deductions will come from consumption taxes. Things like solar panels or energy efficient X, Y or Z can still exist, but only as a percentage off the consumption tax. 

Now in terms of saving money, you can purchase guaranteed bonds from the government that adjust with inflation based on how long you keep it in there and are risk free. So keeping it in there for a very long time will completely diminish the inflation amount, but if you pull it out earlier, some inflation tax is still applied. But they would be limited to $(GDP/per capita * 25) (a very comfortable retirement) and only available to people (meaning no corporations, LLCs, shell, etc. can open one).

That's basically what I've come up with so far, what do you guys think? Criticisms, concerns, improvements, alternatives all welcome.

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that none of these things will ever happen because our politicians are far too cowardly to do such a thing.

#Taxes   #Google   #Microsoft   #Congress   #Amazon  
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No. They mint the difference between the consumption tax and the established budget. 
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I write code and design stuff. Android fanboy. Software programming as my day job.
I work as a programmer and primarily work in C# and C++  but tend to dabble in other languages like Java, Android deving, Javascript, browser extensions, PHP, ASP.NET and other web languages quite often. 

I worked on a few Google+ extensions but will probably not continue doing so since Google has made the site pretty well IMHO and the maintaining of these extensions is extremely difficult since Google constantly changes their code. 

I like talking about a large variety of things and tend to see myself as an activists of sorts and very active with politics and technology. I don't try to hide my opinions, but I don't like to sum them up in a simple "About Me" :P

You shouldn't be offended by the things I say, but you very well might be. My intentions are rarely to offend, rather to engage in healthy debate. I encourage a good debate and welcome it .
Bragging rights
I am a modest person.
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Known Shaun for about 6 years now as an old co-worker and I've seen his work all the way through. Not only was he great at photography when I first met him back in 2007, but he's only gotten better, and not just a little better. It's clear that he's nowhere near his plateau in skill and I would, without hesitation, recommend him. He's a great guy and I would trust him through and through to get the job done right.
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Takes advantage of the higher end residence and changes an arm and a leg for what other parks offer for half the price with double the fun. The whole park is very poorly maintained and is falling apart. It's fine for kids if you just want them to have a good time, but it's just a bunch of long lines and expensive tickets for not at all exciting rides for anyone over the age of 12.
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