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"We cannot win playing on one side of the playing field, on the defensive end," Flynn said. "You only are going to win if you go on the offensive once in a while.”

Trump's national security pick is a cybersecurity hawk:

Time for an honest moment. I just registered to vote under a month ago and have never voted before in my lifetime. I know this is the most important presidential campain in our lives so I took the initiative to register to vote.

After going over the policies, I am fully in for Trump. I am tired of us being persecuted in our Christian-born country for being a Christian. I am tired of seeing fellow Christians losing positions of jobs because they spoke up about their beliefs in a free country (of all places). I am tired of other religions taking over this great country that was originally built by God Fearing Christians due to persecution they were experiencing overseas. It it time to take America back and give our freedoms back to us as we are supposed to be a "free country" but it doesn't appear that way anymore...and no I don't think that "open borders" will help our country become one again, that will only create more havoc but hey, maybe that's what God has planned for us afterall.

I would much rather vote for someone who has come out and publicly apologized for something in his past. I cannot and will not vote for someone who changes the topic and avoids answering the questions everytime some bad question comes up. Someone needs to step up to the plate and answer for her past with honesty if she wants to be taken honestly.

True that not all answers are going to be correct judgement of course, and we are all sinners. All sins are still sins, there is no worse level of sin, only sin and honesty. We are forgiven if we are truthful and ask for forgiveness, but we need to ask first.

Israel is and always has been God's Chosen People. It was amazing when I read about our country helped sponsor it back in 1948 when President Truman worked to allow it to become a country again. "I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you." - Genesis 12:3. We are losing this blessing though because Palestine thinks they get a part of God's People's Land. Hillary wants to give them both shares of this land which isn't right at all.

Rant over, vote Trump!

#HillaryForPrison2016 #TrumpPence2016 #SaveGodsPeople #GiveBackIsrael

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Nap time with daddy! #CelineJane 

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So Kim Kardashian is getting a divorce, 72 days after a wedding that is reported to have cost $10 million or more. Just to put that in perspective, that sum could have built 200 schools in poor countries around the world for kids who desperately want an education. Then Kardashian could have helped transform the world, not just entertain it. And the schools would have lasted incomparably longer than her marriage.

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