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Looking forward to the Hunger Games fast food tie ins -


Something like that.
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The ad begins... the two young protagonists of the Hunger Games are running through a forest or whatever they do. They break out into a clearing, where they suddenly spy big foam columns, and eye their opponents, dressed in red, white and blue spandex. Laser and Saber, or whatever their names are, start swinging big rocks on ropes in their direction, trying to knock them down as they navigate the maze of foam...

...words fade in over the screen: "American Gladiators, returning to network TV this fall. It's Hunger-Games-Tastic!"
So many ironic possibilities
"All you can eat 'hunger' fries!"
"Celebrate the opening of the Hunger Games with the BACONATER!"
"This is not the best burger in the world; this is just a Tribute™."

Makes a great TV jingle.
Introducing the Cornucopia; cheese, chicken, beef, fish. Slay your hunger!
I had a set of these when they came out, they are really, really thin and fragile :P good luck