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Casanova hoodies. Whose on here?

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Some people still believe in Outdated SEO Facts - Are you one of them?

Has anyone got Kali tools on Ubuntu Touch?

What are the best apps for Ubuntu Touch?

+William Brooks

What do you know about Ubuntu Phone?

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A United States District Judge in New York has ruled that the Drug Enforcement Agency’s use of a device that provided authorities with the location of a man’s cell phone— and thus his apartment— was an unreasonable search and that evidence they subsequently found could be suppressed, the first time ever such a ruling has been made at this level.

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My review of the Ubuntu Touch

Terry just became the top 3 linux expert in the entire world! He is officially a Linux Foundation certified engineer.

He was only beat out by one of the top Unix professors in the world and another Linux system admin from Italy.

He is listed in the Linux Foundation's world leaderboard at #3

Look out for more greatness at the hottest tech startup in Illinois.



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