The Jinx Experience.

So the shards were ongoing for about 2 weeks and the new shards and target portal were coming online. We saw RES clearing Scotland -> NL to bring #23 to the Netherlands.
We couldn't do anything but watch at that moment.. it was 2am local time and there was nobody available to block the lane. So 3am.. #23 was moved to "Scheveningen Port Green Lighthouse" in NL. Time to gather agents and get on the move!
Of Course we hadn't got enough reactions from agents to do something at the 8am move. However the 1pm move move had enough agents to steal the shard and bring it to a neighboring area so RES couldn't defend it from inside a local bar and had to come outside for it.

The game was on! We were fighting for the shard. Even though ENL NL didn't have good experiences with shards due to overpowering forces from RES in previous shard games we were fighting for the shard as hard as we could. RES tried to move it 2 times to LUX. Both attempts were successfully blocked most by The Wolves of Belgium, they were a great help in keeping the shard and scoring the shard!
We quickly noticed that RES had still more agents on the shard every jump then we did so we needed a good plan to extract it out of The Hague. Planning started and the decision to keep the shard in The Hague was made.
So we kept gathering agents for every jump so the shard would be defended and kept on it's place. RES had it meanwhile moved back to "Monnickendamplein" were they could again sit inside defending the portal.

Our local and national agents came every jump to the shard portal to do whatever they could. In every kinds of weather they stood in the cold fighting for flip control so we would give RES less chances to move the shard.
They did great! We had them made overhead fields and blockers when possible. Every little jump the shard made or stayed at it's place we heard RES was celebrating about their "achievement". Of course we did knew the local movements were meaningless and kept our focus on the bigger plan and being ready to block RES when needed.
The plan came together, we were going to move #23 from The Hague to NXP (Nijmegen) a restricted area where we have local players with access. From there it had to go straight to the target portal in Luxembourg.

As we held the shard in The Hague and kept playing with RES the planning came together and the time and date was chosen. Recruiting started and so did the plan for extraction.
If we could we wanted a little jump to pull it out of the city centre of The Hague so we had a more controlled area and RES had to come outside in the cold. This succeeded the jump before the original plan would start. At 03-03 18:00 UTC window we noticed RES was with a low amount of agents at the shard portal and we gained flip control without any real resistance. So the short jump was on, we cleared 7.7KM lane and sent an agent to "Nootdorp" where we would temporarily place #23 for further movement.
This succeeded almost according plan, there was 1 new blocker from RES which was cleared within minutes. The flip came, link established! #23 jumped 7,7 KM to its storing location.
We were definitely on for the next jump! All forces we could were sent to the shard portal and lane. Everything was set we had about enough agents on the shard portal and on the lane.
The shard portal was under control, RES didn't even come in numbers, they were outnumbered by far and stood no chance to get control. Clearing started but unfortunately something went wrong and 1 blocker was left during jump window.. No jump.

We needed to think what to do.. however the decision had to be made quickly. The agents were still motivated and good to go mostly so we decided to make guiders along the lane and keep the lane open till the next window.
Quickly we adjusted the plans and start assigning portals to farm keys. We started an heavy job, 5 hours of defending a lane. This went well at first, the lane was filled 1 hour before jump window and we still hadn't seen any RES activity.
However RES was smart they planned an 60KM blocker straight over our lane using 2 of our guider portals. So minutes before jump window we saw activity and the new blocker came.. We had 2 teams just outside the village where the blocker was anchored. So we sent a team however they wouldn't be on time.
A little disappointed the OPS decided to stop and get some sleep first then start rethinking the plan and if necessary adjust it. All agents went home and decided to try again next day.

While we were sleeping our helping hand @Rhainedrop saw at the 10am window that the lane to NXP was completely clear. So the 4 agents on site told her they still had keys and linked the shard with the window of 10am to NXP in Nijmegen.
After waking up we got the news #23 was at NXP so planning needs to be done fast to continue with the plan. We quickly decided the 10pm window would be our shot.
Not long after we started recruiting we heard RES would be gathering at the entrance of NXP, what they would do wasn't fully known but we knew this would be a risk. Before the 8pm window the portal "Samen houden we alles draaiende" at NXP went down by the RES who gathered at the gate.
Luckily this wasn't a problem we had agents on the portal at the 1am window. So we went on everything was set up and just before 1am the portal at NXP was flipped and rebuilded by the agents onsite and the lane was cleared. At 00:57 the link to the target in Luxembourg was established!
1am the shard #23 Jinx jumped to Target in LUX!

Special thanks to the help from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg for keeping the shard in the Netherlands and scoring it after the target realignment!!
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