A curious article. On the one hand, I find it hard to picture East Germany as some sort of shithole. And I've been to that part of Germany, admittedly briefly. It was anything but. If you want to see real shitholes, you'd need to look further east.
On the other hand, this guy has the right idea: “Money alone doesn’t help,” said Simon Huber, 44, out for a stroll recently near Sendlinger Gate here. “You’re only saved when you save yourself.”

To tie in with that, money wouldn't be much of a problem. Money is potentially infinite. Only 3% of the money in the world is physical, the other 97% is electronic. You can literally make it out of thin air. The problem is indeed that countries in the south-east are unable to help themselves, for whatever reasons. That, I think, is where more stern countries like Germany should step in.
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