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New mobile carousel? +Nico Miceli spotted this yesterday. It's showing for queries like "coffee shops," "hotels in [city]," "restaurants near me"... Rankings in this mobile format are consistent with carousel rankings on desktop. 
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Good spot - we're not seeing this in UK yet - we never get cool stuff first.

Are you seeing the Carousel appearing for more & more biz types in US?
Great catch! I am seeing this too in Los Angeles (today). Hotels & food seem to come up with it. Attorneys, hobby shops, dentists, etc. don't appear to have the same results. 
Any idea how the pricing information is being pulled?  That's the most interesting thing I think...  Price isn't displayed on Desktop - but it is on mobile.  Price will be critical - maybe more so than ranking.  
+Zachary Palmer The prices are being pulled in from Google Hotel Finder. They're also below the hotel names in the carousel on desktop, but they're not featured as prominently as they are on mobile. 

Also, they update if you change the date range! Pretty cool.
I can see the prices on the desktop now - I couldn't see from the picture.  Thanks +Cori Shirk 
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