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The new release of the GMB API includes access to location insights data!!! In bulk! In aggregate! Can I get an AMEN from the multi-location folks in here!? :)

Great summary write-up by +Mike Blumenthal here:

Google's announcement: 

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Looks like Attributes are coming sooner than we thought to the GMB interface... I spotted a change to the page copy on the 'Create your bulk upload spreadsheet' help page yesterday that Google has since reverted. I summarized everything in here, check it out! 

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Looks like Google is opening up the Google Posts pilot to a few more select businesses. Did anyone else get in today? 
Anyone else getting this option on GMB this morning for their clients? I was delighted to see it as I think this is a missing feature of GMB but it only appeared on one of 99 accounts in this business manager, as far as we can tell. And when I went to make my first post, the application didn't work... it just froze and wouldn't let me do anything. I am going to try to login with my clients account instead of mine to see if it makes a difference.

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FINALLY! Google released a GMB update that allows you to approve / deny Google updates in bulk:

Anybody have creative clients taking advantage of Pokemon Go? I see a few local businesses in my neighborhood offering special discounts to people who catch Pokemon at their location. Pretty clever way to get people in the door, IMO :)

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GMB's Terms of Service were just updated... Apparently listings can have multiple owners now: Seems like a move to facilitate agency management. Though I may be biased :P

Full TOS here:

Can you get a daily or weekly digest of your GMB Insights (impressions, clicks for calls, driving directions, etc) emailed to you?

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Woah - Google My Business got a major facelift and content overhaul last week! Check it out: 


911!  Bulk account folks, could you please login and tell me if any of your listings are missing from your GMBL accounts? Thousands of listings just disappeared from 4 of our client accounts. Wondering if Google pushed an update or something that may have caused this? 

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I tweeted about this earlier this week but forgot to post it in here... Is this new or just new to me? Google's displaying local events in a map. When you click through to actual, the event is listed as a "place" in the URL. Then it redirects to the venue's Maps URL and displays the info from GMB. Photos attached for an explanation. 

I think this is the result of schema event markup, but I've never seen event info displayed like this before. Has anyone in here? 
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