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Corey Reid
I write prehistoric swashbuckling kung-fu adventure stories
I write prehistoric swashbuckling kung-fu adventure stories


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Hail the Masterless!

If like me when acting as Overplayer you sometimes need a little reminder about things like how do I end a Rogues' Phase or which is the Mystery and which is the Moral, and how do those work, maybe these simple resources I created will help:

A page on my website that just lists the basics (check the link).

And there's a link there to a printable "mini-book" you can make yourself with all the key facts.

Let me know if you find any errors in these, and thanks to Epidiah for such a great game!

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Well, pretty much. I'm looking to kick off a project that I wrote a first draft of back in the early 90's. In university! By hand!

Here's an early character preview. I'm working with an amazing artist named Nic Brennan (, and I couldn't be more excited about how it's turning out!
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So I'm in San Francisco and tomorrow is Remembrance Day, which is a really big deal in Canada. We wear a poppy to remember the fallen dead (started after World War 1). Since there's nowhere to buy the poppy pins we wear in Canada, I decided to make my own:
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Super thrilled to announce the launch of my new fiction serial, THE 17 EYES OF JUSTICE! Pulp fantasy adventure in the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND world! Grab the first three episodes today at:
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My weekly "story-letter" has been going for a couple of months now! Hard to believe. I've really having a blast with it and so far I seem to be able to keep up the once-a-week pace.

Sign up at!
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Some thoughts on sailing ship combat:

Sailing ships can only deliver meaningful attacks in two directions -- to port or starboard -- and so much of ship-to-ship combat revolves around careful positioning and being able to predict your opponent’s moves. To reflect that, in ship combat there is an advantage known as the Weather Gage. Only once one ship of any contending pair acquires this advantage can either ship attack.

The Weather Gage can only be gained by one ship when neither ship possesses it. In other words, you cannot gain the advantage if your opponent possesses it -- but you can take it away from them and thus make it available to you (and them) NEXT turn.

Gaining the Weather Gage advantage requires achieving a success using Sailing against your opponent. A tie means neither combatant gains the advantage. If you succeed, every shift you achieve in that Sailing success enables you to invoke the advantage for free. Once either combatant has the Weather Gage, both parties can attack, but the ship with the Weather Gage advantage attacks first, and as noted may invoke the advantage for free once for every shift gained in the Sailing check.

If your opponent has the Weather Gage advantage, you can make a Sailing check to try and take it away from them, but should you fail you grant them a free invoke on that advantage.


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The DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND Character Creation worksheet needed only a minor tweak from classic Fate Core...

Chase Rules

So if you know me at all you know I can never resist adding chase rules to any game system I touch. So as I'm prepping the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND Fate game, one of the first things I'm looking at are chase rules.

I like the suggestion in the Fate System Toolkit, but it lacks one element of chases I really like: where different members of the pursuing party are at different ranges from the target. So one character can get knocked out of the chase, but their team-mates carry on. So here's my version:

Think of a chase as a special sort of situation, full of zones, except in a chase the zones represent how far apart the parties are. A standard chase would have zones like the following:

Right on Top of You (closest, in range of Fight attacks)
Breathing Down Your Neck
In My Sights (in range of Shoot attacks)
Pulling Away
Room to Breathe
Out of Sight (furthest, cannot take Overcome actions to improve position (see below))

Each pursuer starts the chase in one zone or another, depending on how close they were to the target when the chase starts. The target is in the Right on Top of You zone, and cannot be moved. Note that a given chase can have multiple pursuers, but only one target -- if the target is a group and splits up, now you've got multiple chases, and good luck with that.

Pursuers use Overcome actions to try and move to a closer zone. Targets use Overcome actions to force pursuers into more distant zones. Attack actions usually suffer a -2 penalty due to the In A Chase aspect. Results on Overcome actions are interpreted as follows:

Fail: your opponent can either create a boost against you, or move you one zone (if you're the target they cannot move you and thus must choose the boost)
Tie: you may move yourself (if you are a pursuer) or one opponent (if you are the target) one zone, but in that case your opponent gets a +1 on their next roll
Success: move yourself or one opponent one zone
Success with Style: move yourself or an opponent two zones, or move two opponents one zone each, or move yourself or an opponent one zone and gain a boost against your opponent

Part of the GM's job is to keep the chase unpredictable, and so every round the GM rolls to see if any unexpected obstacles pop up. This is an unmodified dice roll. If the result is +1 or better the GM places a new Aspect on the chase to represent the sudden obstacle. In most cases this Aspect will only remain for a single round. The GM is granted a free invoke on this Aspect for every shift on the roll that created it.

That's the idea. I haven't tested this out yet, just thought I'd throw it to the group and see if there any obvious holes in it. What do you think?

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Free! Location and NPC sheets you can download for the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND Basic Game (which is also free)! These sheets make an already pretty easy-to-run game even easier.

Plus, I just really actually like filling out forms. Weird.
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The new version of the DINO-PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND roleplaying game -- totally free! Check it out! Download! Ride dinosaurs and fight pirates! Or ninjas! Up to you!
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