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I always wondered why I wasn't being attacked by robots on a daily basis!´╗┐

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Are you ready for #Obsidian Milwaukee? ´╗┐

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Scandalous secrets revealed!´╗┐
Irish Resistance BAF Planning Tool Revealed

We have been rumbled. Our BAF planning tool is no longer a secret and so it is time to come clean.

For several BAFs now we have been using an advanced tool for planning our BAFs that allows us to track the blocking link anchors, the available agents, the field anchors and links and the link order. In fact, the only thing we need to do is get in the car and go and actually execute the plan. Now that the word is out I guess there is no harm in revealing the tool.

Commonly known as a spreadsheet, it does require some manual input, but basically you just tell it you would like a nice plan for a BAF and it does all the rest. Absolutely amazing!

Seriously though, it shows the complete lack of knowledge about the Ingress end game that some retard believes a 'tool' can possibly exist to somehow 'plan' a BAF operation. I am gobsmacked that there are players out there that consider themselves worthy of discussing our great game but don't comprehend that a BAF operation could never be automated by any tool.

The gap between factions in Ireland is wider than I thought.

+The Thin Blue Line - Irish Resistance┬á´╗┐

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this is reshared as public´╗┐

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Always love me some free music. ´╗┐

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It's #IngressYearThree! ┬áIt's been a successful year yet again. ┬áI hit L15 right at the end of year 2, and made it all the way to L16 this past spring. ┬áOur community grows, our abilities grow, and we all get to help each other both in and out of the game. ┬áEveryone I meet, everyone I work with, all goes to show the amazingness of humanity when we band together to fight for a common cause. ┬áGo Resistance!´╗┐
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There's no doubt about it, we don't get to ignore Winter Ingress here in MN. Ice always has a nice blue tone, though.´╗┐
Winter is coming. Most of us old timers in the northern hemisphere know this adds a new element to the game. How many winters have you braved through with (or without!)  touchscreen gloves? New achievement unlocked?

#ingress ┬á #toocold ┬á´╗┐

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Hello G+,
My son Everson and I have been working on selling Boy Scout popcorn like crazy, and we appreciate everyone that has purchased some. The program is much more in depth than when I sold back in the day, or maybe I just wasn't looking at it in depth.

In one week with just a few calls, we have sold nearly $500 in product resulting in over $350 put back into the scout pack. We then can use this money for scout camps and activities thereby growing what he can do with his fellow scouts. The part that stuns me is if we can raise $2500 in product. At that point, TrailsEnd opens up a scholarship fund for him and will put in 6% of his sales. It's an amazing program and we are going to try to reach it for his first year. After the scholarship is opened, even if next year we only sold 1 box, he would still get 6% added in. It's too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I encourage you, take a look at and if there is anything you like, please consider purchasing from us. It's amazing popcorn and an amazing program. Thank you.´╗┐

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He was more than a celebrity, he was our friend. ┬áWe will all miss him.´╗┐
posting this here and then moving on. The Joe I know would enjoy all this attention for about 10 minutes and be really excited about trending... then be off to something else. Healing will take a while, but I can't keep crying. So get it out. 

I did know Joe. I talked to him a lot. he advised me. He was there as a support when my daughter had major medical problems. And when I planned her wedding. He shared a lot of personal stuff with me (which I won't share) and vented to me when he was overwhelmed or angry. And when I came to CA he flew down to have lunch. I didn't realize he was flying his own plane. LOL. He gave me a personal tour of Niantic/Google Venice. He loved that all the rooms were named after movies. I lost my dad in 2009 and Joe was one of those that helped fill the hole left by that loss. He defended me, counseled me, advised me. Yes and scolded me. The man didn't sleep because we didn't let him. From before my first anomaly at Louisville, KY Recursion until literally the day he passed, he was bigger than life, a huge influence and a good friend.

True story. In January 2013, when he got to Louisville? he got on comm and called me out to meet him. I about fainted! Delta102 had just called ME out on comm! We met in person for the first time the next day. He came and talked to us about these new exciting things coming, artifacts.

When I was harassed by local cheaters, Joe listened and stood up for me. I started to give him daily reports for the Louisville anomaly and our friendship grew.

I started to work on anomalies all over for the RES and would need advice or help. He was always there. I sent him photos of agents in the field and they always made him smile.. When links ghosted for Unight16 lol, I'll never forget it. He said. "All right. I'm putting on my shoes" and went out to try to kill them himself. He couldn't of course, but it was what he could do. It was around 4 am for him. 

Whether talking to my husband about the crazy car project Rod had, or explaining his writing (which he was so proud of! He always said, "can you believe it? I never thought I'd write!" ) Joe was was so full of life. Literally the Most Interesting Man in the World. He just glowed. He had the attention span of a gnat. But he glowed. 

Joe wasn't always right. He didn't always have the answers and he did fight with us and call us out if he disagreed. But we were family. And he cared. And we knew that. It went along long long way toward helping us to trust NIA when things seemed wrong. 

that's not a small thing. 

I haven't stopped crying. I will now. But I stand by my former statement....this is how I feel and I will for a long time. 

Sometimes there aren't enough rocks. - from the movie Forrest Gump.

There's no fixing it. 

I don't mourn like those that have no hope. I believe I'll see him again. But that doesn't make the loss any better. We still need him. Thats selfish. It is. But we do. The one thing I'll say is, he lived more than anyone I know. 

The word for goodbye in Japanese literally means "because it must be so" and thats the only word I'll use to say farewell to my friend. Sayonara, Joe. ´╗┐
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