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TL;DR - I wanted to make a purely game based, open source, mobile friendly Pokedex for a programming competition and now I'm maintaining it full time at

Back in May this year there was a 2 day hackathon called Angular Attack. I'll spare you the technical details by saying all I had to do was make a website and I had 48 hours to do it. I entered alone and hammered out a rough pokedex of all 721 pokemon and as much game related data about them as I could fit (in the time period). I didn't win the competition but I felt so strongly about the direction I was going with the project that I bought a domain and continued the work!

So, the site. All 721 pokemon searchable by name or number. You can filter based on game version and can even select from 9 languages. Not everything is available in every language and the site will fall back to English. I pull all my data from the Veekun data set. There's basic data like all the pokedex numbers, pokedex flavor text, body type, height, weight, abilities, base stats, evolutions, forms, and moves (leveling, egg, tutor, and machines). It's a simple enough site purely focused on the pokemon. Also it looks great (in my opinion) on mobile devices.

The site can be supported by ads. They're COMPLETELY OPTIONAL, NON-INTRUSIVE, and OFF BY DEFAULT. If you want to turn them on, click the about button in the upper right and you'll have an option to do so. You can turn them off at any time and I'll never pester you about it.

The project is also completely open source if you're interested in helping or just seeing how it's made. It's on bitbucket at There's also an Issue Tracker where you can submit bugs or requests and I'll do my best to take care of them.

Please let me know what you think of the site. I'm constantly working on it to make it better for you all.
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Corey Ogburn

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Didn't expect to find +Andrew Quebe's Planets but there it was
AppIntro - Make a cool intro for your Android app.
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Corey Ogburn

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Anybody remember the Externalities comic? For reference:

It was a comic that used external influences to drop in different pieces of the comic almost MadLib style. One external influence was a hash competition where you enter inputs on behalf of your alma mater to be hashed and compared to a hash output that Randell released. The fewer bits that differ between your hash and his, the lower the score. Like golf, lower is better. Zero is a perfect match.

I absolutely loved the competition. Sadly the contest was taken down after awhile. I'm working on a project to bring back this competition and make it bigger and better than it was.

The alpha up right now holds true to the old competition. No accounts, no passwords, just an absolute bare bones site like the original. It even uses the original hash. There's no ads, risk, or cost to you at all for visiting or playing the game.

Please try it out! If you like it, spread the word.
On April Fools, 2013 Randell Munroe posted the Externalities comic. Different parts of the comic were affected by different externalities around the internet such as a Wikipedia donations page. One externality was a hashing competition hosted on the site. Randell hashed an unknown input ...
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+Beelzebubba Sheldon Nice username. One of my favorite albums of all time.
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Corey Ogburn

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I'm having some issues putting ads on my Angular 2 page. When Angular 2 parses a template for a component it strips out script tags like the ones adsense uses.

I might be able to get it to work if I drastically change (more like split up and move around) the adsense code but I imagine that'd break some sort of Terms of Use.

Is there a recommended way to put ads on an Angular 2 web app?
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This seems like more of an Angular question than an Adsense question. As you mentioned, the TOS does not allow you to touch the code. It sounds like you need a way to make Angular not strip your tags.
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Corey Ogburn

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Look what finally made it to the Play Store! (If the link is broken, give it a little more time. I can't hurry up Google.) Free. No ads. No permissions (other than vibrating for user feedback). No services.

A lock screen prototype based on compass directions and colors.

Sadly, it's just a proof of concept. I haven't found a good way to make my own lock screen. I can get really close but so far nothing prevents the home button from being used or redirected. It's probably for the best I suppose.

Also there's an issue yet to be solved about how I'd securely store the pattern. Or more specifically, how at runtime I'd compare the user's input to a hashed version of the pattern. Ambiguous input complicates things although that's actually a strength of this design.

Give it a try, tell me what you think. The app itself doesn't actually do anything. It won't act as a lock screen, it won't secure any data, it's just a simple proof of concept.

More info can be found here:
THIS IS JUST A PROTOTYPE! A PROOF OF CONCEPT! No feature of this app will a...
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Yeah, it's an old requirement now for anybody with paid apps or apps with IAP. Oh well. 
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Corey Ogburn

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Dysania - The state of having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed in the morning.


This app works very hard to get you up in the morning. You can select from a list what Tasks will pop up before an alarm. There's a simple-ish Math Quiz where you have to get 3 right in a row. There's a Memory game task where you flip over cards 2 at a time until you reveal all the pairs. There's a Shake task to get you physically active first thing in the morning. 10 seconds of shaking will fill up the bar. Finally, and its only in the alpha channel right now, is a Keypad task where you need to put in a 4-6 digit PIN but all the numbers in the keypad are rearranged.

The feature that really gets me up in the morning is the Shortening Snooze. You can customize the snooze length but with Shortening Snooze turned on each time you snooze the alarm the alarm will wait half as long. 10 mins turns to 5, then 2 (it rounds down), finally it'll go off once every minute.

The app also contains the usual features we expect from an alarm clock like a selectable alarm ringtone, optional vibration while the alarm is ringing, selecting which days the alarm will repeat on, customizable snooze, all are set on a per-alarm basis.

There are Beta and Alpha communities set up here on G+. The Beta is open but I'm only going to let in a certain number of Alpha testers. I wish testers could get the app for free but Google doesn't give me that option. I could send out a couple apks to people but they won't update.
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PS, Doze is no longer a problem.
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A Developing Developer
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    Spent more time teaching than learning and greatly regret it. I do not recommend this school. Literal waste of time and money.
  • Francis Tuttle
    Computer Science, 2005 - 2007
    Their "learn at your own pace" approach really let me cover a lot of ground. This school did send me to programming competitions where I ultimately won 1st in Business Professionals of America's (BPA) national Java programming competition in 2007. By far, the most useful education I've ever received, I received here.
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