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Corey Creed
Internet marketing strategist, consultant, and trainer.
Internet marketing strategist, consultant, and trainer.

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Welcome new members!  This community has been growing lately and I figured I would introduce myself.  I have worked with +Jason Keath at Social Fresh, but now am working mostly with Amazon.  

Please feel free to say hello and/or learn more about the cool stuff I'm doing by optimizing for Amazon at 

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I'm not an iPhone user, but the new display for the iPhone 6 looks impressive...  

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I want this.  Real bad.  Can't wait.  #Moto360  I'm ready.

Great quote today in my inbox from consultant Alan Weiss...

"I know all about the tortoise and the hare. But I'm from New York, and the tortoise loses that race 999 times out of 1,000."

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Our little dog actually did this once. 

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I'm playing 2048. Can you beat my high score?

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This is pretty awesome.  If you work at a marketing agency, how cool would it be to get a job application in the form of a custom Lego figure.  Brilliant way to stand out and get noticed.
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