Dear readers, if you haven't already noticed, a review of the newest book was posted to Slashdot yesterday, and wow, what an effect it has had. Glad you all are here joining me on this great ride!

Here's what I wrote about it in my normal G+ stream:

Important Note: I'm starting my research for the 3rd edition of Part I of the original Core Python book. It will be called "Core Python Language Fundamentals." Let me know privately (DM, email, etc.) if you have any comments or suggestions for the new book, or if you wish to be a tech reviewer!

The whole process will take a couple of years, so to keep the 2nd edition current, a couple of years ago, I added 2 new appendices on 2.6 (& 2.7) as well as 3.x... look for the red star on the cover (5th & newer printings).
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