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Interesting report, talks about "banner blindness." Do you see web ads? Or do your eyes only focus on the content you want to read?
Report: The Rise of the Social Advertising. Tweet. August 1, 2011; View Comments. To download the full Pivot report, please click here… We are entering the beginning of the end of the destination web ...
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My brain must be working today. I got that immediately--and keep shaking my head laughing.
I'm glad you got it. Otherwise you would think I was pretty odd. Oh, wait - you already think that.
I filter them so I don't have to see them. I use a Firefox extension called Adblock Plus.
Oh my. Don't tell the clients that. Hmm...maybe I will download Firefox. Seriously though, I wouldn't mind ads on websites as long as they weren't so intrusive. Pop-ups that have a well-hidden close button, ads in the middle of articles, etc. Pop-ups are like ad puke--you start reading and then suddenly, bluurp, they're all over the place. Yuck.
Nothing makes me madder than a pop-up with no discernable close button. I don't notice the content at all, I just search like crazy for the close button, and eventually if it's too hard to find, close the browser altogether. What is this accomplishing from an advertising perspective? Maddening!
Exactly! I do the same thing. I get frustrated and leave that site. Not so good for a brand's reputation and if it's an e-commerce site, even worse because they're losing sales.
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