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The Prepared Writer’s Process for Creating Excellent Content Every Day

Authors often claim that writing a book is like having a baby — both in effort and length of time.

Ask anyone who's done both and they'll insist that birthing a child is, in fact, more difficult.

There is value in the comparison though.

Even when you write from a place of passion and purpose, you may still have trouble birthing your important ideas consistently.

Babies tend to come into the world when they are ready, but how do you regularly give birth to remarkable content?

You have to command it.

Rather than waiting for inspiration to strike, you take control of the content on your blog.

And in tomorrow's post, Katie (a.k.a. the +Wellness Mama) shows you how to do that.

Stay tuned.

Update: the post is now live:

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This is exciting! Looking forward to this article - I'm for sure will benefit from this. Haha! ;)
Terrific post! some very valuable info there that I need to implement
Yes! Great post! I was just having a conversation with someone about "Blogger's Block." I tend to have the opposite problem of having a million things to write about and my blog lacks focus. Although I knew this when I started; but instead of waiting around to figure out exactly what my blog should be about, I decided to take some Copyblogger advice, and for the moment I'm just writing anyway and fine tuning and building upon any feedback I get. As Henneke also pointed out in last week's webinar, you just have to do it. 
Very concise articles - lots of good strategies and tips
Wonderful. Just what I needed this morning as I struggled with something I didn't want to write. Preparation--I forgot about that. Thank you!
Nice post!

I'm seriously thinking about getting a standing desk. I worked onsite at a digital media agency as a contract SEO content/copy writer and one of the employees stood at his desk. I often found myself wanting to stand and write. Sitting gets old after a while.

I've been struggling to write for my freelance content writer's blog. I'm also stressing about creating a website/blog for my children's picture book series. I'm trying to find my voice but it's been tricky. Perhaps my vacation to Arizona next month will help clear the blocks I have. Plus, I already read Book One to a kindergarten class and their teacher and met with managers of stores where I could have a meet and greet, once my book is published. Maybe that's the key for me -- market in person vs. online, for now. There's nothing like seeing your audience and communicating with them in person. 
Great advice! I definitely find it easier to write when I've planned out a whole series than when I struggle with as you said "what-should-I-write-about-today"itis.
Glad you guys are enjoying it! If I didn't have a system, there's no way I'd be able to get done what I need to each day!
The best part about this post was that I was reading it and thinking, "great tips, except they don't apply to me since I have no time with my three little ones," and then I read the part about five kids and homeschooling them! Not sure how you do it but ouch, I guess my excuses are gone.  Thanks for the prod :)
Great tips. I was especially intrigued by this part:

"before I created my blog, I mapped out my ultimate goal and the content I would need to write to accomplish it. I created 300 post topics and planned how they all would eventually link to each other."

I'd love to hear more about your strategy for content planning. I think it's an area that a lot of people struggle with (myself included).
Great post +Katie WellnessMama , I admire your discipline.

How do you balance writing with the more technical parts of running a blog?

For example, I recently spent time trying to get a feature box working. And before that, I'd issues with several plugins.

Does this impact on your writing time?
This is inspiring. I started my blog by "winging it" with no plan involved. While that is normally how I operate, I can see how it ultimately forces me to have to continually go back in and fix and configure each page. It can feel at times like I have no time to write, since I am spending so much time on the technical side of things as +Bryan Collins pointed out. Thanks, +Katie WellnessMama for a good and informative article.
+Katie WellnessMama  this was so timely for me!  With kids at home, how do you schedule an hour each day?  I have a 10 month old, and sometimes can write while he naps.  I also have to use the time to manage my yoga studio, practice yoga, etc.   Love to hear how you do it!
+Katie WellnessMama This was a fantastic article and inspired a blog post of my own. I've even created an image graphic summarizing the process, and it's one I plan to use from now on. Katie, thank you!
+Katie WellnessMama Thanks for your words! I was homeschooled, so I grew up watching my mom be the superwoman you seem to be! Saying you have no time to write is like saying you're the president. Everyone has some time to write, so I'm glad you pushed that idea.

I will certainly try  your 'creating a writing environment' suggestion. Two things that will rarely fail: a cup of coffee and a place where your mind is trained to create something.
Nikki S
This is a great post, Katie! I love how you actually gave us the details of your creative process. Most of the writing preparation articles I've read in the past are full of three things:
"blah, blah, blah" - "buying my product = success" - and "press repeat"

Your post, on the other hand, made me feel like I was in the room with you and I'm absolutely going to work some of your preparation steps into my own personal routine. Now, about that standing on my head bit......
Wonderful post! I find that even using the specific types of music for different topics works for me!
Awesome post. Comes at the right time, as I face a creative block to keep our business blog,, going. The key is the discipline of taking the time off from everything else and GETTING DOWN to the task of writing,,thanks, will attempt to follow the process detailed in your writing and aim to succeed coming out of the creative block.
Excellent post. Now here is a disciplined author we could all learn from.
I have noticed that you produce a lot of content, +Katie WellnessMama! Now I see how you get it done. That incredible discipline. Thank you for detailing your system.
Great post. Thank you. In the post, you mention that you have "individual checklists for the structures of each of these types of posts to make the writing process faster". Could you share with us what some of these structures / checklists might look like and how you work with them? Thanks.
Thank you +Katie WellnessMama  I struggle with writing blog posts and will try practicing your daily topic and two minute outline, 200 word review process. Thank you for giving a specific, actionable practice.
Really useful. If you wanted excuses for not being able to write regularly, you'd have found tons. Something to remember.
Wendy B
so practical.......really feel like I know how to attack my writers block now! thanks so much for your honest outline of your practice +Katie WellnessMama 
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