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3 Invisible Elements Your Sales Page Needs to Convert (One is Truly Unique)

You may believe that copywriting is only about words. If so, you are forgetting about critical, invisible elements that affect whether or not you make a sale.

Most readers skim madly through a sales page. They read the headline, a bit of the first paragraph, and then continue down the page.

Which sections can you, as a copywriter, engineer to decelerate a reader’s pace? Where do they slow down? Where do they stop?

When writing a sales page, consider utilizing silent elements that help increase conversions ...

And that's exactly what +Sean DSouza will share in tomorrow's post. 

Stay tuned. 

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Great article about making the sale. It has to do with breathing. You can't leave home without it.
Love it - convinced me to visit this page. Keep up the great work.
I really liked the linked article on captions for photos and have often wondered why people don't do that!
Of course I agree with item #1 - images are excellent as a cue to get your reader to pause just where you want them to :)
I enjoy the irony of having no images in your post.  :)
+Elissa Spektor I giggled when I read that. And it was a loud giggle at 5:54 am :) Yes, you're right of course ;)
Love the idea with the testimonials making up the sales letter!
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