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How to Remember Everything

Stop me when this begins to sound familiar …

You had a killer conversation with a new friend you made at a conference a few weeks ago, but you may have had an extra martini and left their card on the bar.

You and your special someone shared a fantastic bottle of wine the last time you were in New York, but the name of the wine has eluded both of you since that night.

The pimply kid at the oil change place asks, “When was the last time you had your oil changed?” A blank stare is all you can offer him in response.

Sigh. You forgot.

It happens to the best of us, of course, but what if I told you that I (and 100 million of my closest friends) had discovered a way to remember everything in an external brain?

In tomorrow's post Bret Kelly will show you how to access anything from anywhere. 

Stay tuned. 

Update: post is now live:

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Making a wild guess that this post is going to be about my favourite app of all time - Evernote :)
You mean there's a better way out there than post-it notes and to do list apps? :p
I don't think of Evernote as my "second brain" like most people. For me it's tied for first. 
Just starting to use it. At my age and 3-4 different businesses, it is a "godsend" I do need to learn more about the features. Thanks for the post
The only thing I use Evernote for (so far) is to maintain my writing swipe files. Guess I need to broaden my horizons :)
+Samar Owais That's how I was too, but I'm slowly but surely using it for more and more. There is just SO much information to retain on a daily basis, and it's an amazing tool for keeping everything straight.
I was an early adopter of Evernote, and keep trying new tools, but it's still the best. The key for me is to put everything into it, and use the powerful searching to find your stuff. If I can only remember to put everything into it! 
I love it. Use it for everything. 
Evernote + Scrivener Amazingness. And I'm just scratching the surface.
Microsoft OneNote is much better - and it's also free. I've tried both, and OneNote has a better search function, and has the ability to move your notes around within the same folder, and make a page a subpage.

Also, the visual setup is more intuitive: it's designed like a hanging folder, with the name of the notebook on the left, and tabs with the names of the sections on the right. On the right hand side of the screen going down the page are listed the pages within that section.

Evernote drove me crazy with those issues in particular. As soon as Microsoft went free (okay, at some point you'll have to pay for storage space, but I haven't gotten there yet - and I have 4 different notebooks with a ton of info in each , including pix).
I really love the email functionality - that's the secret sauce of Evernote in my opinion. I find it really easy to email stuff into Evernote, including Google+ posts, especially when I'm on my phone. And combine that with the search capability and IFTTT recipes and I have no excuse for forgetting anything ever again!
Brett, I think this would be a wonderful article for a lifehacker blog audience. Expand your horizons, be seen and read by a much larger audience :)
+JD Ebberly Except this article focuses only on Evernote - I would add Microsoft OneNote as well. Having used both, personally I think OneNote is the better of the two. Both are free.
Sorry guys but in all honesty I find this article redundant - who doesn't know Evernote yet? and the comments above confirm the CB audience does - and it feels like a plug as well.
I found this article very very useful. I learned from it. Since I read Copyblogger a lot more than I read the lifehacker blogs, I am very happy that this article was published on this blog :) Thank you very much Brett and Copyblogger staff for publishing this helpful article.
+Jelle Annaars I agree that many people use Evernote, but I have actually been surprised by how many people do NOT use Evernote (even if that isn't reflected in this comment section, which will undoubtedly trend toward Evernote users). Plus, the article describes features that were new to me -- the image indexing -- and I've been using it more and more lately.
Been using Evernote for several years. Web clipping as an "article" or even "simplified article" are fantastic features to make your clip easier to view, especially on an iOS device. Many other features...
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