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Which Email Marketing Strategy Should You Choose: Full Meal or Just the Aroma?

The purpose of an email newsletter is to create engagement, and there are two distinct ways to create this engagement.

 - Method 1: Give the client the entire “meal”
 - Method 2: Give the client the “aroma”

In tomorrow's post +Sean D'Souza breaks down these two methods — what they mean, what they do, and why you may not actually have to choose just one of them to have a successful email marketing strategy.

Stay tuned. 

Update: post is now live:

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what are your thoughts on a 3rd approach - sending the email and introducing the concept of the article (but with no teaser content from the article), and then the reader has to click through to read the full article.  
Getting as much email as I do, I prefer the aroma because:
- it gives me just enough to decide whether I want to read now, put on my read later list, or trash
- I have the opportunity to learn more about the reader when they click through to my website and share, comment, search or view another page
+Sonia Thompson I think that works great -- we do that a lot for non-post content. Anything really that gets people motivated to make that click over (and stay there to read it) ...
+Sonia Thompson I'm planning out a big Email Marketing Strategy post and will be starting a thread in Authority to see what people would find it valuable to cover, so keep an eye out for that. :) 
+Sonia Simone - awesome!  I'll keep a look out for the thread
Nice post +Sean D'Souza! Love the hook with Alfredo! ;) I use the aroma way ... works fine. Everybody who opens my emails clicks. Every single time.
Great topic. I think I use a combination approach. People often worry too much about click-throughs when engagement and building authority is the real goal. I try to think about what my audience wants and try to do that.
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