The 5 W’s of Link Curation

In tomorrow's episode of The Lede, the second of our four-part series on content curation (AND THE EPISODE WHERE JEROD ROARS LIKE A LION!), +Jerod Morris and +Demian Farnworth discuss all of the following (and more):

  - Is curating links for your audience a worthwhile use of time?
  - Should you be the one sharing links, or is this a task that you can delegate?
  - Why you have to be careful how you share something
  - How do you know what’s worth sharing, and what’s not?
  - Jerod’s ROAR framework for assessing share-worthiness
  - When is the best time to share links? (And how do you know?)
  - How do you decide where to share a link?
  - What do you do when a particular strategy is not showing results?
  - Where do you find links to share?
  - Our completely different strategies for tracking online content (email vs RSS)
  - Demian’s complete list of email newsletters he subscribes to (so he can “curate the curators”)
  - How we use Twitter (hint: it’s probably not what you expect)
  - A few quick warnings about link curation

And then we get into reader questions. 

Stay tuned. 

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