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How Often Should You Change an Advertising Message? (Way Less Than You Think)

You’ve probably seen the scene play out before …

A marketing role changes hands and that director or agency now feels the need to piss on the marketing landscape to mark his turf.

It’s not about sales, but ego.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the most senseless things to happen in advertising.

In tomorrow's post, +Demian Farnworth will talk about one of the longest-running ad campaigns, why resisting the temptation to change your advertising message is so difficult, what to look for in a worn-out message, and more. 

Stay tuned.

Update: post is now love:

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I love what you guys are doing over on CB!
Awesome post. I'd love to share my favourite long-running ad campaign, but sadly I haven't been on this earth long enough for any to spring to mind! 

Suppose Porsche is a good example ... they've positioned their flagship 911 as the ultimate everyday sports car for over 50 years -- and they're still going strong with that message. 
I wouldn't say it's my favorite, but Axe deodorant is pretty notable in my mind. It's been an entertaining campaign at times, and it definitely seems to be effective.
That's a great one, +Hashim Warren. Yes. Very familiar with it. I like this line from that article: "But Jared is memorable. "He has such an unbelievably high recognition score," said a former account executive on the Subway business. "He got into people's consciousness in a way that was really surprising." '
+Hashim Warren  Jim Gaffigan has a joke that the Jared Subway commercials have been running so long his 8 year old nephew thought Jared was the owner of Subway, he had no idea about the weight loss.

I wonder if there are other advertisements out there that have been running for so long their origins are long forgotten. I know I can't think of how Flo the Progressive Insurance lady began, or why Kia uses hamsters (gerbils?) to advertise the Soul.  
I tend to remember slogans and forget which product they represent.  Although, who could ever forget 'Where's the beef?' from the 80's. OH, and
I love the 'That's my Tide, what's yours?'  I actually think of saying that when there's a lull in the conversation or after someone has said something inappropriate.  Random.

You've given me lots to think about in this post +Demian Farnworth  Thanks for the education.
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