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Boring Product? Here's How to Make It Sexy

Some products just exude coolness. Take the flying suit, for example. Stick some nutjob in it, throw him off a cliff, cue music ... 

And everybody wants to be Jeb Corliss. 

Then there are most products. Dull, stodgy, or trite. Or so you think.

Thing is,  +Sean Smith has the formula for turning those products into something EVERYBODY wants. Even porn stars. 

But that's for tomorrow's post. Stay tuned. 

Update: the post is now live:

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God, that's a good amp-up!
You had me (intrigued) at porn stars. Can't wait to read how you accomplish that in the post. 
Nice article. I've been trying to use content marketing in insurance (perhaps the ultimate boring niche) for a while now. I've tried to simply use blog posts as ways to attract long-tail searches related to specific issues or needs rather than to get people to actually follow a blog on insurance.
re-vamping how our company sells about a boring niche.
+amy pavia - really? I find it interesting. There are so many interesting energy facts that's relate to people's daily life. Depending on the tone you want to use, it's has scope for jokes too. (how many farts does it take to power a light bulb? this one's my nephews favorite joke but I'm sure there's data about it out there :)) Get your audience interested in the broader topic of energy before reeling them towards how you're selling it. 
our competitors are: direct energy, scana energy, bounce energy. we need to stand out in the marketplace and finally we agreed 'lowest price' won't get us far in a lifecycle. i'd love to inject humor but since i'm new to the team, the executives are a hard pitch. 
+Sean Smith Loved the article! Especially the elaboration of the examples. One thing that stands out to me is that it's no longer just about written content. The more diverse your content types, the more interesting it becomes. 
+amy pavia Hmmm. Anything your competitors are doing that stands out? Who's your ideal customer? Maybe focusing on these two things will give you a clearer idea of what direction your content marketing should take. 
Love this! So relevant to the challenges I'm coming across...Time to attempt something much bolder me thinks!
+amy pavia I agree with +Samar Owais, the energy "field" is a very interesting market right now! With solarcity, tesla, etc. moving the bar on electronic focus in consumer products, even Apple filing a patent for solar panel charging touchscreen technology, there is a ton to play with on that front. You could even make an infographic called the "Energy Field" with a big bubble of energy showing the different startups in energy right now, and what each of them uniquely brings to the table, and how they together help the overall trend-line of the worlds focus shifting to clean energy. There are so many opportunities to move the needle. 
Great post, I learnt a lot. My next job is to link a boring blog topic to a sexy and fashionable trend.
It always seems to come back to a good story and the right audience, seems simple enough in theory.
 Finding the right fertilizer and  flowers you need to shovel a lot of sh#t and go through a few variations to get a prize garden :-)
Yes, my work is considered very boring by most peoples standards as well. I have been tasked with looking for funny or interesting angles in the data center industry and it has been very difficult. I have an idea for disaster recovery, however, it is hard to find funny elements in colocation services and web hosting services (including VPS, cloud, and dedicated server hosting solutions). If any one has any inspiration, that would be greatly appreciated!!!
+annette gustafson  share some real high-res pictures of server racks etc. Show you are an insider and let them see what they get when they pay. Show how colocated centers are changing or transforming your clients way of working. Go meet one of your clients, take pictures and write and share what they have to say about the experience.
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