How I Wrote Three Books in Three Years

Writing a book can be a long, hard slog.

The “miserable” parts of the experience have been documented over and over again. Or just ask any author on a book deadline — or let the thousand-yard stare speak for itself.

Not all of us can have an entire corporation behind them churning out novels, taking the stress off, after all.

And though authors are unquestionably helpful to each other, they don’t always give the best advice.

Think how many times you’ve heard this old trope: Just put your butt in the chair and write. It’s true, but that doesn’t help you right now, does it?

Best-selling author Ryan Holliday doesn't want to give you advice like that.

He wants to show you that there is a way to publish prodigiously while baking the marketing into your work.

That sounds like a scheme, I understand. But Ryan knows it is true because he's done it.

He'll explain in tomorrow's post. Stay tuned. 

Update: Post now live:

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