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Google Glass Offers a First-Mover Advantage You Shouldn’t Overlook

Ever seen anyone wearing Google Glasses? Ever wonder what it's like when wearing them? Ever wonder if they are just a fad ... or something writers and content marketers should be paying attention to?

In other words, does Glass have a future? 

And since we’re on the subject of Google, how much attention should we give Google+ now with the departure of +Vic Gundotra, the man who spearheaded the project? Does Google+ have a future? 

If these were questions you always wanted to ask but were ever afraid to, fear not, because in tomorrow's post +Demian Farnworth talks to Google Glass expert +Rob Garner.

And Rob will answer all of Demian's burning questions such as "What's it like wearing an iPhone strapped to your face?"

Stay tuned. 

Update: post is now live:

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Google needs a Very Cool Designer to take "wearing a iPhone strapped to your face" to "dig the shades" for Google Glass. Never underestimate the power of vanity.
AARP has a sweepstake right now to win a google glass.  How's that for cutting edge?
Google Glass is good... but Space Glass is AWESOME!
Luxottica signed with Google Glass to manufacture next year. You'll see some stylish then.
Sonia please, that is fashion police mugshot worthy! A riveting image that
will probably haunt me.
+Demian Farnworth  I'm more than ready to "embrace looking like an Internet-enabled hammerhead shark!" Though not only do I have to contend with living in Australia I don't think they have prescription Google Glass as yet :(
Hi all and thanks Demian for the great questions. The hammerhead shark look was something I had not thought of before, but it fits. The good news is that the same face tech will get smaller and smaller. It is entirely conceivable that it could even be baked in to future designer frames to where we won't even know people are wearing it. Not to mention smart windshields, smart glass on houses, etc.
+Rob Garner I just got excited thinking about smart windshields. Watch movies and sporting events in widescreen HD while you drive! ;-) Err, maybe that wouldn't be such a good use ...
It does sound pretty exciting - imagine driving directions on the actual glass, or even Waze overlaying your field of view. "drive-in movies" could become "driving movies"
+Rob Garner I have wanted to hate the idea of wearable tech out of stubborn principle. Please stop making it sound so exciting and useful. 
Google is selling direct to everyone now. Just do a search.
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