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Want to know a best-selling author's best writing advice?

Then you'll want to be sure to tune in to tomorrow morning at 7:00 ET. That is when the latest Writer Files piece goes live, featuring +CJ Lyons.

CJ Lyons has not only sold millions of books writing what she knows, she has forged a truly remarkable trail for author-entrepreneurs.

With 17 years experience as an ER doctor, crisis counselor, victims advocate, and MedEvac flight physician, CJ has been called on by police and prosecutors many times over the years for help solving life or death cases.

Her incredibly varied experiences have inspired a prolific writing career in a genre she’s dubbed Thrillers with Heart, and her surety as a storyteller has been hailed by critics as breath-taking and unequivocally genuine.

"I realized two things. One, that stories have power. As much power as medicine. The power to teach, the power to heal, the power to inspire. And two, that the reason I became a pediatric ER doc was the same reason I write: I want to change the world."

In addition to CJ’s self-professed "addiction" to storytelling, she’s a noted educator, blogger, and speaker who shares everything she’s learned about becoming a bestselling author.

A firm believer in building an audience first, Ms. Lyons has become a savvy hybrid author who suggests that writers need to consider themselves the "CEO of their own global publishing empire," from day one.

CJ took time out of her demanding schedule to drop by The Writer Files and share with us her pre-game writing ritual, indispensable software, the power of deadlines, and her frustration with Facebook as an author platform.

Monday morning, we take a spin through the file of a truly inspiring writer. Link will be posted here once the post goes live. And conversation will be directed right here to this G+ post.


UPDATE -- The post is now live:
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Informative & lively interview. Thanks.
+CJ Lyons is one of the first people who sprang to mind when I started taking fiction writing (and marketing) seriously. Thanks for this fantastic interview with her! I love that she's so generous with her strategies and information. It's a big help to those of us just getting started.

I'm still working on the Scrivener mincing step at a time. I'd be interested to know, specifically, how it's helped her workflow. Any chance of a follow-up question for her on that, +Kelton Reid? 
Thanks for the great interview w/ C.J.Lyons. There was so much info that it will take a little while to assimilate all of it. I was encouraged to see that she likes Scrivener so much. My wife got Scrivener for me several months ago. At first, it seemed hard to use because their online tutorial wasn't easy for me and I was working on papers for my Masters degree at the same time. (Steep learning curves all around.)

Eventually, I was introduced to I got a course - have been learning Scrivener w/ the simple little videos. Made it so much easier & quicker to use. 
+Jenni Wiltz  Hi there! For me Scrivener has been a blessing because I don't plot ahead of time or even write in order (I know, drives my editors crazy!) With Scrivener, I can color code character point of views, rearrange scenes with one click, keep track of revisions, have my research open in the same screen as my writing screen, and keep track of various research for me, it's a godsend. Like everything, it's not about what works, it's all about what works for you!
+Jenni Wiltz You can see how good Scrivener is for CJLyons - wow. That was nice of her to tell us all those things. She is much better at using it than I am.
I've been using it on a limited basis to write multiple research papers, store the research for them, as well as having a reference window open at the same time I'm revising. (Comes in handy when doing in-text footnoting in APA style for research papers). 

I also keep weekly sermons and teaching series I'm planning organized.  I'm sure there are other methods (and I have some friends working on a PhD who are just keeping everything in Word). But the Scrivener method seems to help me not feel disorganized.
Thanks so much, +CJ Lyons! I'm still wrapping my mind around all of the things Scrivener can do, and it helps to see a concrete list of stuff that works.  

I really like the idea of having research open at the same time as the writing. Right now, I just have 2 Word docs open and have to fight the Windows 8 charms pop-up menu every time I need to navigate with the scroll bar in the right-hand 

Thanks again for the fantastic advice in your interview, too! 
Absolutely love how +CJ Lyons is upfront about her writing space.

I'm no fiction writer but as a freelance one, I once spent weeks fixing my writing corner only to realize I write just as well in the kitchen while waiting for the oven timer to go off.

Thank you for such a wonderfully detailed look into your writer life CJ!
I've said it before, but it is worth repeating. "Scrivener + Evernote =Nirvana" For even more heavenly bliss, add Dropbox to the mix.
Great story-telling even within the interview ... totally enjoyed reading and learning from it. Equally totally agree with Scrivener-Scrivener-Scrivener - fab productivity boost.
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