Want to know a best-selling author's best writing advice?

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CJ Lyons has not only sold millions of books writing what she knows, she has forged a truly remarkable trail for author-entrepreneurs.

With 17 years experience as an ER doctor, crisis counselor, victims advocate, and MedEvac flight physician, CJ has been called on by police and prosecutors many times over the years for help solving life or death cases.

Her incredibly varied experiences have inspired a prolific writing career in a genre she’s dubbed Thrillers with Heart, and her surety as a storyteller has been hailed by critics as breath-taking and unequivocally genuine.

"I realized two things. One, that stories have power. As much power as medicine. The power to teach, the power to heal, the power to inspire. And two, that the reason I became a pediatric ER doc was the same reason I write: I want to change the world."

In addition to CJ’s self-professed "addiction" to storytelling, she’s a noted educator, blogger, and speaker who shares everything she’s learned about becoming a bestselling author.

A firm believer in building an audience first, Ms. Lyons has become a savvy hybrid author who suggests that writers need to consider themselves the "CEO of their own global publishing empire," from day one.

CJ took time out of her demanding schedule to drop by The Writer Files and share with us her pre-game writing ritual, indispensable software, the power of deadlines, and her frustration with Facebook as an author platform.

Monday morning, we take a spin through the file of a truly inspiring writer. Link will be posted here once the post goes live. And conversation will be directed right here to this G+ post.


UPDATE -- The post is now live: http://www.copyblogger.com/how-cj-lyons-writes/
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