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Do you want a free copy of +John Jantsch's new book?

We always count on +John Jantsch to deliver solid, pragmatic advice on marketing and selling. That’s why we’re selecting 15 Copyblogger readers at random to receive a free copy of his new book. 

Here are the details:

Just tweet your favorite quote from John's post today on Copyblogger and include @copyblogger and the hashtag #DuctTapeSelling. You must include both to be eligible. We will choose 15 winners at random on Thursday, May 14 (so you have two days). 

We'll also be retweeting many of the quotes -- so there's a bonus for you, even if you aren't one of the winners.

What's in today's post (which goes live at 9:00 ET), you ask? John shares advice on how to use content as a reliable referral engine.

Because your ability to share educational content can gain you access to a strategic partner’s entire network in a very logical manner. And, by the way, these tactics John describes work equally well for business owners and individual sales professionals.

Post goes live in 34 minutes. We'll post the link here in the comments. 
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Love it. Strong tips and suggestions supported by personal experience. Tweeted by +Hughes Media (@hmdigitalagency on Twitter)! 
Please announce winners here.
+John Jantsch always has smart advice you can actually do something with. Excited to see the new book! 
Great advice on getting your content to work for you, looking forward to the book!
Interesting tactics - all 5 tips.
I'd be most inclined to implement #5 (Incentivized Content) because it generates excitement about, promotes intimate interaction with, & invokes action towards employing one's product. By giving people that "hands-on" experience, the users themselves become effective extended salespersons by way of first-hand familiarity with the product, and by spreading that knowledge through the most powerful sales-inducing result out there - word of mouth.
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