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How to Curate Knowledge, Turn it Into Wisdom, and Build Your Audience

In tomorrow's episode of The Lede, Jerod and Demian continue their series in curation (their last in the series and last for the summer) discuss:

 - What is knowledge?
 - What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?
 - What is the benefit of curating knowledge?
 - How does knowledge curation help you find hooks? (And why are they so important?)
 - Is it better to be a generalist or a specialist?
 - The benefit of obsessing about one topic per year
 - What do The Wire, Orange Is the New Black, and Benjamin Franklin all have in common?
 - How TV marathons, podcasts, and MOOCs help you curate the knowledge you need
 - How to store and organize the knowledge you curate
 - Demian’s warning about overlooking the importance of emotional intelligence
 - Does reading fiction help you develop emotional intelligence?
 - What are one or two specific actions you can take to improve your knowledge curation today?

And, yes, Demian mispronounces another rapper’s name. (And this time it’s a lot funnier than “50 Cents.”)

Stay tuned. 

*Update: The post is now live:" 

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Jerod, when you talk about business, and you connect it to wisdom, it’s like talking about Satan and compassion. 

By the way you’ll never build audience with wisdom. You build audience with deceit, half-truths and outright lies camouflaged as wisdom. 

This is the reason why humankind survival is less likely than frost in hell. 
Not really sure how to respond to that, except to say I vehemently disagree.
+Mike Milic you make it sound like commerce is a bad thing. I guess all of us who have built audiences with wisdom, truth, sincerity, and compassion were only fooling ourselves. 
+Jerod Morris Recently I had a conversation with a cannibal, and I told him eating people can’t possibly be a good thing. He said: “I vehemently disagree with you”.
+Copyblogger You couldn’t have possibly told them the truth. They can’t handle the truth. Nobody can.

Wisdom, Truth, Sincerity, and Compassion are sacred words… don’t use them so glibly.
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