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3 Ways to Write a Damn Good Syllable

You might be under the impression that all the syllables have already been made up. That’s simply not the case.

You might also be under the impression that the list of things you have to do to become a writer is so long that there is no hope.

That's simply not the case, either. 

In tomorrow's post +Demian Farnworth is going to share three tricks to writing damn good syllables ... and how they can work wonders for your career.

Stay tuned. Update: She is alive:

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Photo of the author working on an average syllable.
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My new novel's gonna need a lot more than a few more syllables... ;-)
It is highly likely that our writers will have the same facial expression as they process the article's content!
Wow, I must join the Sub Regional Institute of Confessional Writers. After all, great writing is all about knowing the right people!
Best dam April Fools story I've read coming from another sick mind.
"Then there are the entry-level axioms that culminate in “Give yourself permission to write,” a commandment that Trendall Jynweythk, professor of liberation theology at Arizona University, claims originated in a conversation between Jesus and John when the apostle was battling writer’s block after some really bad dreams." 

Slays me.
I had WAY too much fun doing this. I love making stuff up. And making people laugh. 
most important tip for me?  Hush.  Don't talk about it.  It's the awful wart on your friend's face.  It's a disaster waiting to happen. Zip it.  Write only.      
!reve sretirw elballys tseb eht fo eno si Naimed. !nam, yad sloof lirpa yppaH
Ha! This was completely and most brilliantly mad :D +Demian Farnworth  That picture of you should have been a GIF of you combining two syllables.
Damn your comment removal, Copyblogger! I wasted an entire 2 seconds scrolling down the page before I remembered. . .


And +JD Ebberly , you da man! Or maybe I should say, "uoy ad nam!"
A classic +Demian Farnworth headline for sure! But the word "syllable" getting it's first gig at the 75% mark ..... then I remembered the Wild Turkey reference. A fun post Demian.
That post was so long and informative that it needs a syllabus... 
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