When should you remove blog comments? When should you keep them?

Those are but two of the questions that +Sonia Simone answers on the latest episode of The Lede.

You may recall that we removed comments on Copyblogger a little less than three weeks ago. Sonia, along with hosts +Jerod Morris and +Demian Farnworth, reacts to the loud and varied reaction our decision caused.

-- What were the super-secret, ulterior, Machiavellian motives that did (or didn’t) influence the decision to turn off blog comments?

-- Should conversations about your content be considered an asset you should control?

-- How has removing comments changed the experience for Copyblogger authors?

We discuss all of this and more. 

Listen right on the site, or subscribe to The Lede on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-lede-from-copyblogger/id402427480
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