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The Lede: Hangout Hot Seat with Brian Clark

In tomorrow's blog post we are going to share a special Hangout video. So what’s so interesting about this Hangout?

We are calling this Hangout showcase the Hangout Hot Seat … and the first episode features none other than the Frank Underwood of Copyblogger.

Yes, Brian Clark.

We ask him some serious business questions like: 

 - What does “Media, not marketing” mean?
 - Is Google-Plus still an essential tool for content marketers?
 - How and why could Google become the next big movie studio?
 - How can you balance native advertising and journalistic integrity?
 - How do you do native advertising right?
 - Should writers fear Google, and should writers ever guest post again?
 - Why did Copyblogger close blog comments?

But that's not all. Like a good mullet we were business upfront ... but all party in the back. 

That's what you should expect when a bunch of misfits are running the show. 

So we got to skewer Brian with questions like: 

 - Seriously … why does he like the Foo Fighters so much?
 - How does he rank Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, and The Wire?
 - Why isn’t he on Twitter verbally abusing his friends anymore?
 - Would a Texas A&M alum who is also a Broncos fan rather have Peyton Manning or Johnny Manziel?
 - Has he taken voice lessons?
 - Who is the “Frank Underwood” and the “Raymond Tusk” of Copyblogger?
 - What is the most satisfying book mention of his career?
 - Who do Demian and Jerod look like?

The answer to that last question is a belly-roar good one ... and the inspiration for our new talk show. 

All coming tomorrow. Stay tuned. Update: The post is live:
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This is Brilliant, Jerod. Would you be willing to share what microphone you are using? Other than Google Hangout, what technology is required to pull this off? I would sincerely appreciate any guidance. Thank you and enjoy the weekend!
I enjoyed the hangout.  The wisdom, applause, laughs and the realness of it all.  Looking forward to the next hangout.  
This was so much fun. All I want to say is: More!
Thank you for the kind words everyone! There will definitely be more the next time Wolverine and the Lord & Savior get together. ;-) (cc +Demian Farnworth)

+Matthew Dutmers -- I am using the Rode Podcaster. Demian is using the Yeti Pro (I believe) and Brian, of course, is using a headset. While it's nice to have a good mic, especially if you want to use the audio for a podcast, it's not absolutely vital. That's what makes Hangouts so great to use, even for beginners.
Loved this! I would love more posts on how to do the technical stuff to put a hangout together this way. Could that be the topic of a future post?
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