Are you chasing clicks ... or customers?

You know what you should be chasing: customers. Unless, of course, all you want is to be famous. But we're guessing that you, like +Tom Martin, this week's guest on The Lede, also want to make a decent living. 

So carve out 20 minutes today or this weekend to listen to Tom recap some of the big points he discussed during his presentation at Authority Intensive, including:

-- Why a click is a sign of interest, not a sign of intent
-- How your audience will make you famous, but your prospects will make you rich (and make your spouse happy)
-- Why does Tom think he caught hell for the “rich” comment?
-- Why you have to give before you ask to receive
-- What “second-click” content is, what it does, and how to use it
-- Why time is the only finite resource in the marketing toolbox

Oh ... and what was up with that on-stage argument between Tom and +Brian Clark? +Jerod Morris asks, and Tom explains.
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