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Are you chasing clicks ... or customers?

You know what you should be chasing: customers. Unless, of course, all you want is to be famous. But we're guessing that you, like +Tom Martin, this week's guest on The Lede, also want to make a decent living. 

So carve out 20 minutes today or this weekend to listen to Tom recap some of the big points he discussed during his presentation at Authority Intensive, including:

-- Why a click is a sign of interest, not a sign of intent
-- How your audience will make you famous, but your prospects will make you rich (and make your spouse happy)
-- Why does Tom think he caught hell for the “rich” comment?
-- Why you have to give before you ask to receive
-- What “second-click” content is, what it does, and how to use it
-- Why time is the only finite resource in the marketing toolbox

Oh ... and what was up with that on-stage argument between Tom and +Brian Clark? +Jerod Morris asks, and Tom explains.
Tom Martin is here on this week's episode of The Lede with straight talk that every online business owner will benefit from hearing and understanding.
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Great podcast. Love hearing speakers from the conference. I particularly like the section on second-click content. It is a new angle that I look forward to using. 
Great, relevant information. I agree +Laura Cunitz - the second click concept definitely an actionable item for me too. It's really more aligned with where I'm at in the blogosphere. 
Great interview.  I have a question for you +Jerod Morris . My stats dropped by half from April to May. The unique visitors had been climbing month by month since last August.  Also very low so far this month. Is this something to do with Google rankings, or is it random or do I just suck? LOL.  My tech guy doesn't seem to know.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this of late.
 IT sounds like I'm chasing clicks, but I'm really just concerned on such a dramatic change. :)
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